Spacious Accessible Bathroom

A Kirkwood, MO couple needed to remodel their condo bathroom to be easily accessible for the husband in his power chair. The original bathroom had become an obstacle course and they needed a streamlined, efficient space.

The new design moves all plumbing fixtures to one wall, which creates a large, open space to maneuver in. A wall-mounted sink works nicely whether standing or sitting. A standard toilet is outfitted with a bidet seat with remote control operation.

The barrier-free, walk-in shower has two impressive accessibility features. The shower faucet panel incorporates a hand held shower, a rainfall head and 8 adjustable nozzles in one convenient, temperature-controlled package. In the opposite corner is a full body dryer that gently and thoroughly dries a body in 2-3 minutes, even while seated in a chair.

Add two kinds of durable and easy to clean floor tile (the blue shower tile also appears on the sink backsplash!), serene grey onyx shower surround and wall paint, and they have a bathroom that makes a beautiful and productive difference in their lives.

Feedback from the Homeowner
The photos look great! Seeing them makes me appreciate our bathroom even more. You've given us a real gift.
Thank you.