Kids' Art Studio & Gift Wrapping Room

Winner of a 2016 Chrysalis Award.

A couple wished to turn the unfinished half of their Creve Coeur, MO basement into special spaces for themselves and the grandchildren. Four functions were turned into 3 separate rooms: an art studio for the grandkids, a gift wrapping room for the wife, with office space for both of them, and a work room for the husband (not pictured).

The 3 rooms are accessed by a large hall, which houses a deep, stainless steel sink operated by foot pedals, which comes in handy for greasy, sticky or paint-smeared hands of all ages.

The kids’ art studio is two sets of tables and chairs, a chalkboard and bulletin boards. The anchor of the room is a wall of custom cabinets with bench seating that has multiple drawers and cubbies so each grandchild can store their own supplies and treasures.

The gift wrapping room is adult art projects plus an office work space. Grandparents can leave their projects out and undisturbed by little ones by simply closing the French doors. Custom Wellborn cabinetry becomes work tables with the addition of wood tops. The impressive floor-to-ceiling hutch cabinet that holds gift wrapping supplies is custom-designed and built by Mosby to fit exact crafting needs.

Because the gift wrapping room is designed to free imagination, the couple (and their dog) is pleasantly surprised to realize they spend far more time in this relaxing space than anticipated.

Watch a video tour of these art studios.