Home Office Suite

Now that the man of the house is retired and spends more time in his Ladue, MO home office, he noticed the need for an updated bathroom, a better-organized closet, and he really wanted to open the shutters and let the light in, but he needed to protect the artwork from sun damage. It was time to refresh.

After relocating the entry between the office and closet to gain more space in the bathroom, the original wood floors were uncovered and refinished. A seagrass cloth wallpaper (also used in the bathroom) gives the office a dignified, masculine air. Built-in shelving provides storage and display, making the office clutter-free and casually professional.

The replacement windows have low-e glass to block UV rays, and louvered double-hung shutters further control lighting. Now that the sun can shine in, there’s relaxing views to the backyard.

The reconfigured closet with floor to ceiling wood cabinetry leads to a luxurious bathroom. Marble flooring (with radiant heat) extends up the walk-in shower walls (with a shampoo cubby) and bench seating. The maple vanity with granite countertop has a string of LED lighting tucked into the base to serve as the ultimate nightlight, a trick borrowed from his favorite hotel.