Why not save a LATTE money and skip the Starbucks drive-through? In this Keurig-centric world, coffee lovers can delight in the comfort of their own home by designing their very own coffee bar. Pull up a stool to your kitchen counter and sip your way through your day.

Of course, the first step is to purchase a coffee machine, ranging in price based on your level of expertise. A higher-end professional grade like the Breville comes in at a higher price versus a basic Mr. Coffee model. The Keurig models allow for ease of use and simple operation for a quick cup of joe. Once you have your espresso system then you can start accessorizing with appliances and containers.

Coffee bars have become so popular it’s not uncommon for homeowners to build a home brewing station into the design of their kitchen. There are various custom cabinet configurations that can display and store items like coffee mugs, plates, and other essentials. Use decorative baskets to house containers of coffee, creamers or appliances like a coffee grinder or frothing machine.

A large or medium-sized kitchen can easily handle a rolling coffee bar created from a kitchen island on wheels. Using multiple levels of cubbies, drawers and shelves lends itself to a well-stocked coffee bar. Or if you have a smaller kitchen with limited space, use a mini cart to house assorted coffee extras. The cart can then be rolled out of the way when more space is needed.

A nice buffet in the dining room can also serve as your espresso café. This has the added bonus of drawers and cabinets to provide ample storage for supplies like barista towel, espresso tamper and frothing pitcher. Consider painting a chalkboard wall as a back drop and decorate in a whimsical corner coffee shop motif.

Some people choose to repurpose another part of their kitchen, like a wet bar. In this case, you have the benefit of having the sink right there for filling the coffee maker. Or if you are short on counter space, install floating shelves where your favorite mugs can sit and even serve as a piece of ceramic art! Now you’ve got a clutter-free coffee bar.

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