Home is where your heart is. Because our physical surroundings play such an important role in creating a sense of meaning in our lives, it doesn’t seem a surprise that our sense of the place we live is closely tied to our sense of who we are! So, when choosing to renovate, you should make design decisions that make your heart happy. It’s those little details that can carry more character into your remodel.

Bring your basic builder’s kitchen to life by framing windows and doorways with wide molding instead of having drywall surround the windows and doors. Your cheery personality can radiate through the bright sunlight. Add style and inject some charm with a rounded door frame.

Install crown molding on the top of your cabinets to add character to your kitchen. For a more dramatic touch, add height to the cabinets bringing them up to the ceiling. Take it one step further and make one cabinet door glass to see the contents inside. You can choose what you want to display and reflect your personality even more.

Another way to add character is with tile, either through flooring or a backsplash. Add an accent wall to your room incorporating a fun tile, shiplap, a bright paint color, or even wall covering.
Designing a unique accent wall will add dimension to your room and let people know you’re not afraid to express yourself. For an unexpected twist, change the way you have the tile laid, either in a diagonal pattern or as an accent inlay.

Mixed metals are another way to show your style in your remodeled space. If you picked brushed nickel for use in one area, then add gold pulls elsewhere to change things up a bit. Consider adding a stainless steel hood which can show you’re a serious cook!

Integrate comfort, convenience, and character with the right lighting. There is a big selection of interesting light fixtures, including simple plug-in puck lights for under cabinets, accent light for a dark corner or a dramatic chandelier for over the table. Lighting also enables you to make simple upgrades with little effort but makes a big impact. Let your own light shine!

Knobs and pulls are a way to express your individuality. Many people go with a traditional solid knob or pull. Be a standout. If you have more of a farmhouse style, pick out something unique like an animal shape. It can really take your design up a notch and make for good conversation!

If your home needs some remodeling done and you’d like to add some awesome architectural character choices, Mosby Building Arts is here to help you simplify the process and find the perfect accents for your home. Call 314.909.1800 today!