As we all know, no two remodeling projects are the same. They can vary greatly in size, scope and design. Because of these differences, Mosby Building Arts has created tailored processes for different types of remodeling projects. This saves our clients time and money and yields end results that better fit the client’s style and needs. To better understand what category your remodeling project falls in to, here is an overview of three of our main remodeling processes.

Custom Remodeling Projects

When the sky is the limit and you are considering making major structural changes to your space, your project would be considered a fully custom project. Custom remodels are typically more complicated and require the assistance of Designers and Architects to help with new floorplans and interior design. These projects often include moving existing fixtures, plumbing, electrical, removing walls, or constructing new spaces altogether. Planning these types of projects can take extra time to make sure everything is in place, and all necessary details have been completed.

Semi-Custom Remodeling Projects

Semi-custom projects still require planning but are not as extensive as a custom project. In these instances, the layout will generally stay the same and a more cosmetic update will take place. Items like plumbing fixtures, countertops, cabinets, and flooring will be refreshed, but no walls are moved. For a semi-custom remodel, Mosby Building Arts has created Right Kitchen and Bath. Right Kitchen and Bath offers a streamlined process where you can choose from a preselected set of premium, curated materials that all work together. So, you get the same high-end results, without being overwhelmed by an infinite number of options.

Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling projects deserve their own process because they are different than projects on the inside of the home. Exteriors projects can still enjoy the benefit of Architects and Designers, but extra focus is put on proper exterior remodeling techniques and installation, which are key to creating a long-lasting home exterior. Mosby Building Arts dedicates crews to exterior renovations that can boost curb appeal, energy efficiency and the functionality of any home. Mosby take a holistic approach, looking at the house as a whole, and not just separate components.