Preparing for a major remodel, like your kitchen, can seem daunting.  The mental and physical requirements to even prepare your project many times causes clients to hesitate to start the project in a timely manner or in some cases, even signing the contract for the remodel.  Don’t let the fear of living through a remodel stop you from getting the kitchen of your dreams. 

The following is a short list of enlightening realities of living through a kitchen remodel to take note of before your remodel begins.

You Will Be Living In A Construction Zone


This is a fact to consider when managing your stress level. Before the project starts, ask a lot of questions to your designer and project manager so they can address your concerns and put your mind at ease.  Once the projects is underway be sure to find a happy place in your home to retreat to when the remodel becomes too much for your sanity,

There Will Be People In Your Home – All Day Long

Typical hours for remodeling contractors are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Aside from a quick lunch break, your home will be bustling with a crew.

The Clean Up

During construction hours there will be noise and dust and tools and materials, but know that after construction hours have ended for the day a good remodeling company cleans up- every day.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Your kitchen will not be functioning during your remodel.  This is one of the hardest parts of a kitchen remodel to get your brain around before the remodel begins.  The stove will usually not be available. Yes, we will move your refrigerator.  The dishwasher will not be connected.  During the remodel, you may want to consider a temporary kitchen set up. You may not be cooking a full Thanksgiving meal in this situation, but you would be able to cut your dining out budget down if you are able to make basic meals in a temporary kitchen set up.

Your Kitchen Items Will Be Packed In Boxes

Before demo day, your pots, pans, silverware, etc. will need to be packed up and moved out of the space and stored. Leaving them in the hallway by your bedroom will only remind you of the frustrations of being without a kitchen for weeks, so storing them out of site may help you adjust to the construction zone.

Learn About Potential Dangers in the Construction Area

As with any construction site, kitchen remodels have their own set of dangers.  You could completely prevent potential hazards by moving to a rental or hotel during your remodel.  If your budget does not allow this option, learning about potential dangers in your construction area from your project manager and crew is important to keep you and your family safe. The team on your crew is highly skilled and know what they’re doing. During their prep time, necessary precautions are made to keep the work area and surrounding areas safe. This is especially important to note if you have children or pets.

Your Neighbors Will Be Curious

Let your neighbors know well in advance of the trucks that will be parked on the street during construction hours, the dumpster that will be in your driveway, the noises coming from your home and your garage during construction, and the timeline of your project.

The best you can do to prepare for a remodel is to remember to have patience and faith that the result is right around the corner and well worth the process in between.

Mosby Building Arts has over 70 years remodeling St. Louis, MO area kitchens and we are dedicated to giving our client’s the smoothest remodeling process possible. We understand the disturbance it can cause but we take all the necessary precautions to keep your home as clean and safe as it can be. To schedule, a consultation with one of our home consultants, give us a call at 314-909-1800. Or go online here: