How a Remodeling Company Survived Their Own Remodel

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mosby office remodel 01

We love our brand new presentation room (above), a stylish space to collaborate with our clients. To get to this rewarding moment, we had the valuable experience of learning what is what like to BE a Mosby client.

We strive to make remodeling a smooth and efficient process, and our clients tell us this is true. Now it was our turn to have The Mosby Experience with co-workers we know well and respect highly… and we were still a little nervous.

There is no delicate way around it: remodeling creates temporary chaos in the home. A Houston remodeling company created this chart to show the rollercoaster of emotions for a room addition project. But how would we fare when remodeling happens in our own “home”?

mosby office remodel 02 before

The Project
The interior front of the Mosby office building was re-designed by our Planning & Design department to include an inviting reception area, an organized room to hold product samples, and a comfortable, private room for staff to work with clients on the design and plans of their remodeling project. The work scope included building two new rooms, installing new windows, lighting and flooring, plus painting.

Projected completion time: 3 weeks

mosby office remodel 03 during

During the Project
For those who’ve been through a big remodeling project, you’ll recognize the following challenges we had:
• Items cleared from the front room temporarily piled in other rooms we use
• Those working in the front room needed to be relocated
• Access to the front entrance was restricted, sometimes even blocked off
• Construction noise can get loud

Actual completion time: 4 weeks
The extra week was because we made a design change after the room was framed in (above). So we got to experience how flexible and kind the crew was about change orders that affect the project.

mosby office remodel 04 during

Because our familiar, daily routines were altered, we had some moments of frustration. But we also learned first-hand why  homeowners love our production crews because they did the following:
• Set up a cool new work area in the building for our receptionist
• Informed us in advance when loud or disruptive activity was scheduled
• Sealed up all doors to the work area so the dust and dirt was contained
• Cleaned up the job site every afternoon
• Listened to concerns we had and came up with solutions
• Kept us abreast of progress and final completion day
• Had a good-natured sense of professionalism and humor, always ready to help

Project Completion
We reacted the same as our clients do during final walk-throughs: with a sense of great joy and relief. And then the thrill of using and loving the new spaces quickly fades the memories of the stressful moments. In the end, it’s worth it!

mosby office remodel 05 after

Lessons Learned
Because they treated us with the same professionalism and consideration as they do our clients, we learned firsthand why our clients love our production crew! We also got verification on what’s important for a successful remodeling project:

• Clear and continuous communication
• Personalized design and quality construction
• Expert problem-solving
• Clean and safe job site

That last point makes the biggest impression on homeowners. How clean our production crews keep their homes is the most frequent compliment that our Client Relations Director receives during the weekly phone calls and surveys. And their reviews of our work on Houzz touch on the same aspect:

“(The job was) complete in 2 days – no mess, fantastic!”

“It was the cleanest worksite I’ve ever seen! Great job.”

“On time, on budget, excellent workmanship, provided great advice. Job site and rest of house was always very clean. No surprises!”

mosby office remodel after 06

Now we know it’s all true, and would like to add our own client testimony right here:

Thank you to our design team for creating new spaces that are as easy to use as they are beautiful. And thank you to our production crew for making the construction process a rewarding shared adventure with the best possible outcome. We love our new spaces! – Mosby Building Arts