Are you planning on having a full house over the Thanksgiving weekend? If so, this is a valuable opportunity to learn how well your house works when filled to the brim with visitors and overnight guests.

Having lots of people in your house at the same time is when you get to see your place in a different light. Living day-to-day, you tend to overlook inadequacies in design and function because you’ve simply become used to it. But bring in a large group of family and friends and the annoyances you’ve learned to live with can become glaringly obvious.

There’s so much to do in preparation for Thanksgiving, that we feel bad adding one more thing to the list. But your answers to the following questions can put you on track to planning a home that truly works for and with you.


Here’s a list of things to keep an eye on over the Thanksgiving weekend. Read the questions now so you know what to pay attention to, then come back and answer them after your Thanksgiving celebrations (and clean up!) are over.

• Does your kitchen have enough room for multiple cooks to work together?

• Is there enough room for both cooking and socializing in the kitchen?

• Where does everyone naturally congregate, and is there enough room for them?

• Is there a particular room or place in your house nobody seems to use, but you wish they would?

• Does traffic flow smoothly, or is there a lot of “pardon me”?

• Is there always a wait to use a bathroom?

• Is there adequate lighting for people of all ages?

• Are guests with crutches, walkers or baby strollers able to come and go easily?

• Is there enough hot water and water pressure to accommodate everyone comfortably?

• Are there enough electrical outlets or charging stations for everyone’s gadgets?

The answers to these questions create the outline of ways to improve the function and design of your home. These are the types of question Mosby Designers and Consultants ask during the design phase of a remodeling project to craft a master plan for your ideal home. If you have the answers in advance, you’re ahead of the curve!

Mosby Building Arts would love to pour over your Thanksgiving Q&A with you. Call our St. Louis office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.