Dimmed lights, candles, and neutral colors create a more romantic pallet in the home. Women tend to be more affected by the colors and mood in the bathroom and the master bedroom. Women tend to look at their home as more of our personality and style. The colors, decorations, pictures, and style is what we choose for others to know about us.

Use decorations in the bedroom that remind you of special moments or places you and your spouse have been together. Wedding photos or photos of trips will remind you of the love you have shared throughout the years. Making your bed every morning can be a simple task to make your room more romantic.

Everyone has stacks of mail, school papers, bills, and other things that seem to pile up around the kitchen and bedroom. If you want to create a romantic space the clutter needs to disappear. Find a system that works for you, your spouse, and family then create this new space for the clutter to go so you can keep a romantic setting in the kitchen and bedroom.

Many people tend to allow candles to sit around and collect dust. Pick a candle that has a nice aroma and a good color to go with your decorations. Nothing creates nice romantic ambiance like candlelight, so find a scent you and your spouse love and burn it often.


A freestanding copper tub is a romantic space within a master bathroom remodel by Mosby Building Arts.

Pick colors that soothe you and your spouse, if your bedroom or bathroom colors are too loud you won’t be able to relax and enjoy the space. If you choose a color that is relaxing to you, you will find you and your spouse can be more romantic.

Romantic stone fireplace in a cozy den of a Mosby Building Arts basement remodel.

Adding a fireplace to the home will add warmth and light. The fireplace is often associated with romance and a cozy environment. Place a fireplace in your master bedroom or in your living room and enjoy.

Fresh flowers can help enhance a romantic space. Almost anyone who walks into a home with fresh beautiful flowers looks at the home as a warm, welcoming space.

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