Color is fun and inspiring, and exploring new colors is an invigorating way to play. At the start of each year, the major paint manufacturers unveil their pick for Color of the Year. It’s always fun to try and speculate which color it may be because the possibilities are endless!

Let’s review PPG’s 2019 color of the year and discuss the many different ways to bring this color into your home.

The color is Night Watch PPG 1145-7, a deep bluish greenish hue with warm undertones.


PPG hosted an event to introduce this color and handed out necklaces with the color pendant to everyone who attended. (pictured below)

How to use this color in your home:

  • Pick one wall to use the color as an accent
  • Apply to only the inside border of an entryway between rooms
  • Pass-through spaces like hallways are a good place to try bolder colors
  • Use it on molding or trim to define a bold look
  • Look up to the ceiling for a large area that’s not a dominant surface of a room. Try it first in a guest bedroom or powder room to see the transformative impact it has.

Adding new color to your home isn’t just about paint colors. Consider adding accent pieces in the Night Watch color, such as rugs, pillows, throw blankets or furniture.

For help choosing the correct paint color for your space, please consider contacting our designers at Mosby Building Arts. We’re here to beautify!