Read This List Before Construction Starts in Your Home

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It’s a big deal to have a remodeling construction crew in your home. It’s the start of bringing your design plans to life, and you need assurance that the noise and chaos leads to a satisfying result.

Clearly stating needs and expectations is the best way for you and your remodeling team to be on the same page. Before the first hammer swings, the St. Louis design-build remodeling firm, Mosby Building Arts, uses a pre-job walk through check list (below) to ensure a productive and harmonious job site.

The easiest way to avoid misunderstanding is to spell it out. From decades of remodeling experience, Mosby project managers recognize what creates a successful project, and – just as important – what can cause problems. To minimize the impact of your home becoming a construction site, communication is the key to making everyone’s life a little easier.

mosby pre-job walk through check list

Know the Answers Before the Job Starts

After the design phase is complete, Mosby project managers meet with the clients in their home to discuss the details of the project. Before their crew begins work in your home, they want to know the answer to important questions, such as:

•What is the best way to communicate with you, and how often?
• Where is the best place for the crews to park to minimize neighborhood disruption?
• Is there a house alarm?
• Are there any pets we need to be aware of and take care of?
• Where is the location of electric panels and water shut-off valves?

There is detailed discussion about dust protection, cleaning the job site at the end of each day and agreed-upon start and stop times for the work day. This pre-job conversation helps build a mutually-beneficial working relationship, and considering that these people will be in your home for the next several weeks, it also builds trust.

The completed check list is shared with the entire Mosby crew on your project, and this simple piece of paper helps them meet or exceed your expectations. Learn more about the Mosby remodeling process. And to learn more about the Mosby construction process, call 314.909.1800 or contact them here.