Among all the important things to consider when remodeling your bathroom, storage is an important detail that could greatly the affect the functionality of your bathroom. For some, the ideal bathroom would be a big space with nice large linen and walk in closets. Unfortunately, this is not reality for a majority of homeowners with smaller bathrooms. But smart planning can allow you to have the maximum amount of storage in a confined space.

Here are some ways to increase storage in your small bathroom:

Vanity Cabinets

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Pedestal sinks are a classic bathroom design feature but don’t serve much of a purpose when it comes to storage. Having a vanity cabinet not only allows ample space to store your bathroom items but it also can be a style focal point of the bathroom. The vanity top can play off the shower surround and the vanity cabinet can be a nice accenting feature for the bathroom walls or flooring.

Toilet Toppers

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The space above your toilet is another valuable area that can be utilized for storage. Toilet toppers like the one above are cabinetry hung above your toilet.  The cabinetry delivers additional space to store items and also can complement the vanity cabinet for added continuity of style.

Vanity Cabinet Tower

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If you have a larger vanity but don’t necessarily need the extra space on the vanity top, vanity towers are a good choice for those needing more capacity for toiletries, or maybe for bathroom cleaning items that can be moved out of the reach of small children.

Shower Caddies


Shower caddies are another way to add storage to a small bathroom. Many times the caddies can be recessed into the shower walls as to not get in the way of the homeowner while showering or bathing. Multiple caddies can be added to create as much storage space as needed.

Medicine Cabinets

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Medicine cabinets can act as both a storage space and an additional mirror. Sleek, streamlined medicine cabinets like the one above blend into the environment to make you feel like it’s not even a cabinet.  Today’s medicine cabinet options are endless and can fit just about anyone’s style.

Built in Storage

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Another storage solution to consider is adding built in storage. In the photo above the client used an existing closet outside the bathroom and created an access point for them to get into the top part of that closet from inside the bathroom.  This allowed them to easily get toiletries and supplies without having to leave the bathroom.

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