There are many ways to add color to your kitchen beyond paint colors on the wall (though that remains an easy and cost-effective option!). Let’s review some innovative ideas that Mosby Building Arts’ kitchen designers have used to introduce pops of color in the heart of the home.

01 mosby chalk board paint

Make a Chalkboard Surface
Chalkboard paint is relatively simple to apply and supplies a blank canvas for creativity. This kitchen’s sophisticated palette of white cabinets, black countertops and red accents takes a playful turn with a chalkboard column whose images and colors change constantly.

02 mosby green glass tile blue accessories

Choose Coordinating Accents
The white cabinets and black countertops of this kitchen are balanced with green glass tile backsplashes. These are permanent colors. With that in mind, aqua is the chosen color for cookware, serveware, vases, placemats and towels. And these are the type of items that allow you to change colors on a whim; can you picture this same kitchen with orange accents? Then you get the idea of how easy it is to add color to your kitchen.

03 mosby cermic tile

Rely on Tile
Not only is tile a water-resistant and durable surface for the kitchen, it’s a creative way to add color or design motifs. Shown above, ceramic tiles in white and pepper colors are the backsplash for all the walls of this u-shaped kitchen, making it a vivacious and energetic space to work.

04 mosby kitchen tile accents

The kitchen above is retro charming in white with accents of burgundy ceramic tile along the base and middle of the wall, a window sill and – most innovative of all – a permanent “rug” of burgundy glass tile and white ceramic subway tile set on the bias.

05 mosby ranch kitchen blue 01

Sprinkle One Color Throughout the Space
This eat-in kitchen overlooking the dining room has honey-toned wood as the predominate color, but the selection of a modern stained glass panel in shades of blue set the pattern for the accent color. Cobalt blue pops up in the pendant lights, bowls, serveware and table runners. The blues even work there way across the kitchen as a glass tile racing stripe in the white tile backsplash (below).

06 mosby ranch kitchen blue 02

07 mosby colored marble

Go For a Conversation Piece
Popping out of a kitchen of warm earth tones is a demurely dramatic slab of mossy green marble atop the island. It adheres to the natural colors theme of the kitchen, while its pattern and colors evoke the feel of lily pads in a forest pond. Splurging on this natural stone creates a unique focal point.

08 mosby multi-color cabinets

Contrast Cabinet Finishes
By breaking the rule of matching cabinet finishes you can create a dynamic kitchen, like the one above. The creamy white wall cabinets are a soft backdrop to the cinnamon brown island at the center of the room, and this color contrast works as a subconscious magnet that draws people in to pull up a chair as the cooks go to town.

These are just a few tips on how to add color to your kitchen, and all of these kitchens were designed and built by Mosby Building Arts. See a gallery of Mosby kitchen remodels. And for help with incorporating color in your kitchen, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.