Remodeling a bathroom can present homeowners with a lot of tough decisions; among them are the look, price, and maintenance of the products that are installed in their bathroom.  This should come as no surprise; homeowners want their bathroom to look and function well. A key decision that can really affect the look of the bathroom is the choice of tile. Our Right Bath team helps weigh the pros and cons of tile options, by reviewing the look, price and maintenance of each.

Ceramic Tile

Homeowners have been putting ceramic tile in their bathroom for decades; it can be a timeless look and very customizable.  The different accents and patterns give homeowners plenty to choose from. It’s still an extremely popular choice for floors and walls. We hear from clients all the time that love the look and affordable options it gives them..

Ceramic tile

Ceramic is a great option for homeowners in terms of price. Most ceramic tile is usually around $2-3 per square foot.  Choosing cost effective tile gives the homeowners wiggle room to splurge on other items, like a higher end fixture.


Light Fixture

Maintenance and cleaning are important to homeowners when choosing tile. Ceramic is lower maintenance; just about any type of typical household cleaner will do the trick.  But with most tile options, tile is held together by grout which needs to be sealed properly as it will get dirty and discolored over time. Sealing grout helps maintain the integrity, cleanliness and over all look of the grout and tile.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain has better images and produces a greater look than ceramic. Porcelain is through-body, meaning, if a chip were to ever occur in the tile, it wouldn’t be very noticeable as the color of the porcelain goes all the way through the tile. Through-body porcelain can be a great option for a bathroom with a lot of traffic or a kid’s bathroom where the space may not be treated with the same care that adults would have..


Porcelain tends to be more expensive than ceramic, averaging around $6-$8 per square foot. It can even go over $10 per square foot depending on the porcelain chosen. While porcelain may be more expensive than other options, it is still less expensive when compared to granite, quartz and other natural stones. Porcelain is denser and more water resistant than ceramic but, like ceramic, it’s held together by grout which needs to be sealed properly.  The maintenance is similar to that of ceramic tile.

Natural Stone

Natural stones like marble and granite can create such beautiful patterns that other tile options can come close to, but not duplicate. Most of the time when we speak with homeowners who want an elegant look for their bathroom; they talk about putting in granite, quartz, or marble..

marble bathroom

Natural stones are one of the higher priced options, ranging from $20-$50 per square foot. Installation of natural stone is more labor intensive than other tile options, adding to the cost.

Right Bath team explains the higher maintenance of natural stone. Natural stone is very porous. It will hold moisture in if not sealed properly. For natural stone tile that is being constantly exposed to water like in the shower, it should be sealed at least 3-5 years, if not yearly because the stone will get discolored, stained, and run the risk of getting mildew. For the cost of natural stone, homeowners should take the necessary steps to keep the tile looking great for years.

Onyx Collection

Onyx is a man-made resin material that is a great alternative to natural stone. Onyx is offered in a variety of colors and finishes, including matte, glossy, and textured. Onyx can be cut on site,making installation a much more streamlined and efficient process than installing tile. However, it is not recommended for flooring.



Since onyx is a more efficient process than installing tile, it can reduce labor cost. Installation of shower walls or vanity tops can be done in a day. Our Right Bath clients love onyx because of the easy and quick installation process. They love how low maintenance it is, and the variety of colors and styles it comes in..

Onyx is a very low maintenance product. Any general bathroom cleaner and non-abrasive cloth to wipe down the surfaces will work, and a product like Gel-Gloss keeps a protective coat of wax on the onyx after it’s been cleaned. No sealing is necessary, thanks to no grout lines.

The remodeling process may be overwhelming at times, and that’s why it’s important to have professionals who can guide you to help make the best decisions for your bathroom. Right Bath can help you transform your bathroom with any of these products. Give us a call at 314-909-1820 or visit to schedule a free consultation today.