Independent Architect vs. Design Build Company

Are you planning an extensive remodel or addition to your existing home? As you begin the process, the question may arise as to whether you should hire an architect or a design build firm. What is the difference?


Why A Design Build Firm is the Right Choice


Collaboration From Beginning To End

When hiring an architecture firm, usually you will have to pay for their work separately and then find a contractor to carry out the plans. Because the two are not working closely together throughout the project, there may be a breakdown in communication. And what if changes arise and the scope of work needs amending as the project goes on? This may mean additional architecture costs for you. With Mosby, our home consultants, architects and designers are all an integral part of the process from your first consultation. All team members are under one roof and in constant communication to ensure your project is created on-time, on-budget and to the highest design standards. 

Cost and Time Savings

When using an independent architect your upfront costs may be higher, and surprise costs are possible later on down the road as the construction is carried out by a separate contractor. With a design build firm like Mosby, you are able to dictate your investment level from the beginning and enjoy peace of mind that all fees associated with your project are accounted for. In addition, our designers and architects work closely with the production team to move the project along as quickly as possible.

Do Design Build Companies Really “Design”?

There has been much criticism from the architectural world that design build companies are not truly experienced in the design component of a remodel. At Mosby Building Arts, architecture and design are an essential and vital element to our remodeling process. Our architects and designers have the passion and expertise to exceed your expectations.

Design Build vs. General Contractor

A general contractor who might call his/her company design build, but really subs out design services is not the same as a design build or architect-builder firm that is staffed with architects, builders, and carpenters. Cookie-cutter designs and expedited service are top priorities for these contractors. A design build firm employs full-time architects who handle conceptual design options, construction drawings, and product/finish selections to finalize drawings and commence with permitting for construction. A thoughtfully prepared set of plans, based on a budget, is turned over to the team’s lead carpenters to begin construction for a beautiful home remodel. That is what defines a design build firm.

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