St. Louis Siding Installation: Replace Your Builder-Grade Siding

Is your builder-grade vinyl siding cracking or fading with sun exposure? Is it denting from St. Louis storms? Unfortunately, builder-grade siding is not as thick and is less dependable than higher grades and it has a shorter lifespan. Replace your builder grade siding with a higher-grade product that will last longer.

Signs of Problems with Builder-Grade Siding

Builder-grade vinyl siding is inexpensive and made from low grade materials as opposed to a higher quality or custom grade that are more durable to last. This type of siding is a popular choice because they save builders money, but the quality and durability is short term. Furthermore, with builder grade siding, builders typically do not install house wrap or proper flashing behind the siding (learn more about the importance of a house wrap here). This causes water infiltration and energy efficiency problems. 

Signs of Wear and Tear

• Home Needs Frequent Painting
•. High Heating & Cooling Bills
•. Rotting or Warping
•. Cracked or Loose Siding
•. Bubbles or Holes in Siding
•. Severe Fading
• Dry Rot
•. Wood Rot
•. Water Stains Around Windows & Doors
•. Water Leaks at Wall & Roof Transitions
•. Mold Growth

Replace with High-Quality Siding 

Replace your builder-grade siding with high quality, premium options from Exteriors by Mosby.  There are many types of siding to consider, like cedar siding, to best fit your home for protection and aesthetics. Mosby’s team of home consultants, architects and craftspeople think as carefully about the look of your home as well as its safety and function. 

Install New Siding from Exteriors by Mosby


With installing new siding, Exteriors by Mosby consultants will guide you through a process that includes the evaluation of existing siding, expert recommendations for style and function, professional installation as well as peace of mind with a 10-year workmanship warranty.