Accessible Remodeling: Incorporating Universal Design in Your Home

Remodeling a home with accessibility and universal design in mind often requires structural changes, such as widening doorways and removing walls, particularly when wheelchairs and other mobility devices and physical limitations need to be considered. But there are plenty of ways to incorporate accessible elements into a remodel without changing your home’s layout or appeal.

Universal Design Features for Your Home

Planning to stay in the home you love? Now is the time to make the changes that keep you comfortable and productive as your lifestyle changes. Learn more about the features of universal-designed homes that can make your home comfortable and accessible for the long term.

Easier Access in Your Kitchen

Pull-out cabinetry, slide-out shelves, lazy Susans, and other organizational solutions help bring items to the user, eliminating difficult reaching.

Upgrades for Accessible Bathroom

Many accessible design changes in bathrooms include grab bars and rails, comfort-height toilets and trench drains.

Safe and Secure Home

From small changes of lever-style door handles, switch and outlet heights, alarms and sensors to incorporating no-slip flooring, stair treads, elevator and wheel chair ramps and lifts create a safe and secure home.

 Make Your Home Safe and Secure with Mosby


Mosby specializes in universal and accessible design that is as beautiful as it is safe and secure. Universal design makes your home easy to use for every generation. For example, an artfully integrated ramp from your driveway to the front door will be appreciated by someone pushing a baby stroller, someone on crutches or in a wheelchair.

Mosby’s accessible design solutions make it possible to stay in your home for a lifetime. 

Universal design is about creating accessible spaces for all people, and your accessible and universal remodeling project will last through the ages and function well for many types of people. It should accommodate your design needs and appeal to future buyers.