Mosby’s COVID-19 Response: Letter From President Mark McClanahan


Trusted clients and friends of Mosby,

These are unique times for the home remodeling industry, and I am grateful you chose to trust us with your home.   There are two challenges related to our new relationship that we will need to work through together.

The first is protecting your health and the health of your Mosby Team.  Please know we will continue to adhere to the CDC guidelines related to COVID, including the following expectations of employees…

  • Stay home from work if experiencing COVID symptoms
  • If not fully vaccinated, quarantine at home if exposed to COVID-19 or recently traveled internationally
  • If not fully vaccinated, follow the standard mask and safety protocols
  • If fully vaccinated, can work without a mask or social distancing, unless requested.

We ask if you become exposed to COVID or have COVID, please let your Mosby Team know as soon as possible, so we can coordinate our work appropriately for you.

The second challenge is manufacturing delays and cost increases caused by current economic conditions.  During our planning process for your project, we worked to account for these issues in your scope of work and project timing.  Please know we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of any unforeseen circumstances.  Rest assured, if anything comes up, we will communicate with you on any such occurrences and relay the expected impact to your project. 

Mosby Building Arts has important work to do in your home and we are committed to fulfilling our mission to improve your life.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Mark McClanahan