Mosby’s COVID-19 Response: Letter From President Mark McClanahan


Trusted clients and friends of Mosby,

These unprecedented times have made me reflect on two values at the core of Mosby Building Arts: act with integrity and honor family. These beliefs were held by founder Sam Mosby 73 years ago and fostered by Scott and Judy Mosby for the past 4 decades. They are simple statements, yet even today, our entire team whole-heartedly embraces and lives by them.

In these trying times, we want to help keep anxiety levels low. Please know the health of homeowners and our employees is of utmost importance to us. We continue to take our obligation as an essential business seriously and following the safety protocols directed by the CDC, St. Louis City, and St. Louis County. Therefore, we are putting the following measures in place to protect everyone including their loved ones.

First, we are communicating regularly with our staff to make sure everyone is aware of best practices as spelled out by the CDC to minimize the impact of COVID-19.  Additionally, the following are actions we are requiring of our team.

  • If someone feels sick, have a fever, or cough, he or she must stay home from work
  • If someone has been exposed to COVID-19 or traveled internationally, he or she must stay home
  • They are not to shake hands
  • As much as possible, they are to keep a distance of 6 feet between them and others
  • They are to wear face masks as required
  • They are to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing
  • They are to avoid touching their faces
  • They are to wash their hands regularly
  • They are to carry and use hand sanitizer
  • They are to wipe down all surfaces touched with sanitizing wipes
  • They are to use extra caution around elderly and children
  • They are to limit the number of people on the project
  • When possible, they are to cordon off work areas with plastic

We have important work to do, and rest assured, we take this matter very seriously and will do everything we can to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Additionally, we have new guidelines for working with homeowners.  For any home we will be entering, we are required to ask homeowners questions about their health and exposure to COVID.  We will ask these questions in advance either by email or phone.

We are in this together, and the Mosby Team is committed to fulfilling our mission to improve our clients’ homes and lives.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mark McClanahan