St. Louis Siding Replacement: It’s Time to Replace Your Masonite Siding

Is your siding starting to show moisture damage? Is it fading or chalking? Do you see streaks of rust? Unfortunately, weather exposure over long periods of time will affect any type of siding. Older Masonite siding in particular has more deterioration issues than others. If that is the case on your house, it’s time to call Exteriors by Mosby and replace your failing siding with a higher grade product that will last longer.


Create A New Look With Premium Siding

Checkered Past of Masonite Siding

Masonite is a hardboard made from wooden fibers and has been widely used in the construction industry since the 1930’s. Unfortunately, there is a long history of problems with this type of siding.  After mass production and installation increased, humidity and water began causing extensive deterioration of the siding on homes. In the 1980’s, manufacturers addressed these moisture problems with new technology; however, their new siding caused mold and swelling of boards. Following a successful class-action lawsuit, all Masonite siding was recalled and manufacturing of the material ceased. Today, manufacturers have improved the quality of hardboard siding so it’s now a safe choice for your home. If your home still has old Masonite siding, here are some common problems to watch out for:


Common Problems of Masonite Siding







Build Up of Mold & Mildew

Bowed Wall Studs

Cracked Exterior Paint


High-Quality Siding Will Stand The Test Of Time

New siding will not only transform the look of your home, it will make your home safer and more energy efficient. Exteriors by Mosby has a vast selection of colors and styles to suit all personal tastes and aesthetics. An investment in quality siding is an investment in the future of your home. 

Install New Siding With Exteriors by Mosby

If your current siding is dated or in need of repairs, consider replacing it with high-quality, premium siding from Exteriors by Mosby. Our Exteriors by Mosby consultants will guide you through a pain-free process, including evaluation of your existing siding, expert recommendations on new siding that fits your personal style and needs, and professional installation. One call to 314-909-8383 and your house will shine from top to bottom, all while enjoying peace of mind knowing the work is covered by Mosby’s 10-year workmanship warranty.