If you live in a home that has remained virtually unchanged since it was first built and inhabited, then you most likely live in a time capsule home.

This phrase was originally coined to describe single-owner homes built in the 1940s and 50s that finally hit the real estate market; looking at the realtor photos is like going back in time.

Let Retro Renovation give you a pictorial overview of time capsule homes.

And below is a perfect example of a time capsule home in St. Louis, MO that was owned by Scott Mosby’s late uncle.

erwin knoesel designed home

Read the story of this time capsule home.

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What Should You Do If You Live in a Time Capsule Home?

First, let us congratulate you on being so satisfied in your home, as-is, that you never felt compelled to make major changes. Comfort is the key to peace of mind, and what makes you comfortable is far more important than design and remodeling trends.

Second, please do not assume that you need to make major changes to the home when it’s time to sell. There are plenty of buyers who actively seek time capsule houses because they long to live in untouched mid-century homes. Here is a true story to illustrate the concept:

909 s gore

Scott Mosby was asked to evaluate the Webster Groves home of long-time friends of the family. They built their home, above, in 1949. With the help of Scott’s father, Sam, they had built additions to it over the years, and because the man of the house is a renowned landscape architect, the backyard is a botanical paradise.

But now it was time for them to leave their home of 64 years, and they knew there were a few repairs that need to be made before putting it on the market. But they also wanted Scott’s opinion about other changes that were recommended by their realtor.

time capsule kitchen

They specifically wanted to know if the original kitchen, above, needed to be remodeled. After Scott marveled at the custom cabinetry in pristine condition, he told them, “Do NOT touch this kitchen! This will be one of the top reasons the right buyer will want this house.”

Scott explained to them that there is a new generation of home buyers who covet homes of this pedigree, and the more original fabric that remains the better. You do need a realtor that is tuned into the audience that wants these types of homes, and they are out there, in ever-growing numbers.

The homeowners opted to make only a few water management repairs, and leave the rest of their home as-is. Through private channels, the home was bought by a St. Louis architect who was ecstatic to be only the second owner of such an architecturally unique home, both inside and out.  The original owners are thrilled that someone else loves their home as much as they did.

If you live in a Metro St. Louis time capsule home, and are thinking of selling, you can call on Mosby Building Arts for an evaluation of what you may – or may NOT – have to do to make it a valuable property for a new buyer. We will give you honest answers, and help with the resources that would be happy to have your time capsule home! Call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.