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Water Management

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Tips to Thwart Exterior Water Problems

After every heavy rain in St. Louis, Exteriors By Mosby consultant Kurt Doll is extra busy detecting and correcting water leaks. With hopes that you never need call him because of a water problem, Kurt shares these water management insights with you. Who doesn’t love...

Solving the Problem of a Leaking Dormer

A South St. Louis, MO home had a leaking dormer (shown above) that was problematic for years. The interior walls of the dormer were often condensated, and heavy rains would lead to water damage on the lower level foyer ceiling. Even though these were previously billed...

Q&A: Is Our Drain Tile Blocked?

We frequently hear from homeowners seeking answers to repair and maintenance problems. Many of these questions and answers are compiled in our Home Improvement Library. Here is a recent question. Question My husband suspects our drain tile is blocked. Short of digging...