atrium window leak

We frequently hear from homeowners seeking answers to repair and maintenance problems. Many of these questions and answers are compiled in our Home Improvement Library. Here is a recent question.


I have a 9-year old house with a tall wall of atrium windows, and they leak. We’ve been through two unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


This is, unfortunately, a common problem with these homes. The truth is you will need to remove all of those windows, have each opening properly flashed and re-install the windows.

Many new home builders have been incorrectly installing these atrium windows for the past 20 years, and the lack of proper flashing is a common problem we constantly diagnose and repair. The method they use for installing the windows creates reverse flashing, which actually sends the water into the walls of the home, rather than push it away, as proper flashing does.

The problem is seldom with the windows, but how they were installed. Luckily, this means no need to purchase new windows, simply pay for the skill of having them re-installed correctly.

Until that window wall is rebuilt with proper flashing, you will continue to dance with the water leaks. Please read this story of another homeowner with a reverse flashing window problem, and how we solved it in the same manner I recommend to you.

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