A Sunset Hills, MO ranch home looks the same from the outside, but inside it now feels spacious.

A Sunset Hills, MO ranch home looks the same from the outside, but inside it now feels spacious.

The family moved into their Sunset Hills, MO ranch home, built in 1965, in 2011. They love the neighborhood, the town and most everything about the house.

The home met all their needs, yet they longed for a more spacious, less cramped feel, akin to the hunting lodges they enjoyed in Alaska. After peering into their attic, they wondered if it was possible to raise the height of their standard 8 foot ceilings to turn the family and living room into one lofty great room.

The living room before the remodel.

The family room before the remodel.

Mosby Consultant Rich Oris came to their home to discuss the ceiling concept. It was possible to appropriate unused attic space above the entry foyer, family and living rooms. The ceiling could soar to a maximum height of 14 feet by adding 6 feet to the top of the load-bearing wall between the living and family room, and with an artful series of cut-outs, light would easily flow through the heightened space. How to Identify and Remove a Load-Bearing Wall.

Mosby architect’s 3D rendering of what the family room would look like with a raised ceiling.

The 3D rendering of how light and airy the living room will look with a soaring ceiling.

The family sat down with Mosby architect Brian Yount to explore the aesthetic possibilities of the two public rooms. They liked the idea of knotty pine bead board on the ceiling, and possibly the walls. And a heavy timber truss look was intriguing, like in a hunting lodge. But would trusses be a good idea, essentially “filling up” the newly opened areas?  And in the family room which was covered in oak paneling, how would it look with knotty pine paneling instead, or should they go for simple, unadorned walls for a cleaner look?

Brian provided a series of 3D renderings that illustrated all the ideas expressed, helping the homeowners’ decision to go with exposed beams and bead board only on the ceiling (the 2 illustrations above). The drawings revealed that new drywall painted a neutral color in both rooms better conveyed the open and expansive feeling they craved.

The family room during the construction to raise the ceiling. All wood paneling was removed to install new drywall.

During construction, adding 6 feet of framing to raise the ceiling.

With the design decisions made and construction drawings complete, the Mosby production crew, headed by Project Manager Rick Henson, started by removing the insulation and flooring in the portion of the attic over the entry, living and family rooms. For the paneled family room, walls were taken down to the studs (above), and new insulation installed to hang new drywall.

The photo above shows the load-bearing wall wrapped for protection while up to 6 feet of new framing was added above it. When they first moved into the home, we had created for them the enlarged opening in the wall (above left), and that work needed to be preserved. New structural 2 x 10 roof rafters created the vaulted ceiling.

Cut-outs in the load-bearing wall allows light to flow through the heightened ceiling.

With the project complete and the furniture back in, the family room takes on the lodge feel they longed for.

With the project completed, everyone who walks into the home immediately sees the difference, noting how much bigger the home feels.  From the moment you step through the front door, there’s a feeling of open-hearted welcome that pulls you happily into their home. The families’ instincts were absolutely right: raise the ceiling to raise the spirits.

The ranch home feels so much more spacious from raising the ceiling to a maximum height of 6 feet.

The ranch home feels so much more spacious from raising the ceiling to a maximum height of 6 feet.

A remodeling project like this has psychological and emotional benefits for homeowners. It’s worth the investment when you plan to stay in your home for the long haul, and some architectural adjustments will make it the perfect home for you. To explore ways to fine-tune your home, work with the certified designers and architects at Mosby Building Arts. See a portfolio of some of their interior remodeling projects. To get started, call our office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.  

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