For many homeowners, pets are more than just companions. They’re cherished family members who might quietly vie for the title of “favorite.” It’s no secret that pets significantly enhance our quality of life. Our fur babies bring joy, comfort, and unconditional love into our homes. It’s only natural that we desire to make their years with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. One creative way to achieve this is by maximizing underutilized spaces in our homes to cater to their needs. Take inspiration from a recent remodel we undertook in St. Louis, where we transformed an overlooked area into a cozy, custom kennel right within the family home. This project underscored our commitment to ensuring our furry friends enjoy every moment spent under our roofs, surrounded by the warmth and love of their human pack.


Create a Kennel Under the Stairs

Crafting a custom kennel under the staircase is an ingenious way to maximize underutilized space in your home. This innovative solution saves space while keeping your furry friend close to the heart of your home.

Being separated from their human companion can be stressful for a pet. By placing their kennel in an area that’s out of sight but still in the middle of everything will help bring them comfort.

Creating that kennel underneath the stairs is the perfect way to keep them surrounded by familiar scents and objects that bring them comfort. Such a setup is particularly beneficial as it keeps pets in a comforting environment, especially important during times when they might feel anxious or stressed.

Don’t have a hollow staircase on the main floor? In a recent remodel in St. Louis, we transformed an underused lower-floor area into a beautifully designed dog kennel.

The kennel was equipped with a stylish gate that allowed the dog to maintain visual contact with the living room above. This ensured the pet felt connected to the family’s activities while still enjoying their own dedicated space.

This design is especially advantageous during social gatherings, noisy holidays like the Fourth of July, or even on those days when leaving your pet at home alone is unavoidable. It offers a safe haven where pets can retreat, significantly reducing anxiety triggered by loud noises or separation.

Carve Out a Cozy Nook

Comfort was at the forefront of the minds of the St. Louis homeowners we recently worked with. After all, pets spend more time in the home do their owners do!

Creating an alcove for your furry friend is a wonderful way to utilize an unused corner, nook, or area in your home. It provides your pet with a dedicated space to relax and feel secure.

Begin by decluttering the chosen area to make room for your pet’s new haven. Then, select an oversized bed as the centerpiece of this cozy corner. You want to offer ample space for your pet to stretch out and enjoy multiple daily naps!

When selecting the bedding and rug, aim for fabrics and patterns that complement your existing décor. This thoughtful approach ensures that your pet’s corner blends seamlessly with the rest of your home, enhancing its aesthetic rather than detracting from it.

Ensure there’s a bowl of water nearby to keep them hydrated, especially if you’re often away for a few hours. To protect your flooring from potential damage or spills, place a washable rug under the bed.

By integrating these elements thoughtfully, you can create a stylish and functional alcove that your pet will love while maintaining the elegance and cohesion of your home’s design.

Convert a Kitchen Cabinet into a Pet Dining Area

Repurposing an unused kitchen cabinet into a pet feeding station is a clever and stylish way to add functionality and organization to your home. First, choose a cabinet that’s low enough for your pet to access easily. However, it should also be situated in a spot that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your daily kitchen activities.

For convenience, consider removing the cabinet door or replacing it with a curtain. This ensures your pet can approach their feeding area effortlessly while keeping it discreetly hidden when not needed.

To make the space practical and easy to maintain, line the cabinet’s interior with a durable, easy-to-clean material like vinyl or laminated fabric. These materials safeguard the wood from potential spills and stains.

Allocating a section of the cabinet for storing pet food, treats, and other essentials will help you keep things organized. Take it a step further by adding a slide-out drawer or shelf within the cabinet. This simplifies the replenishing and cleaning process, negating the need to stoop.

These thoughtful adjustments transform a simple cabinet into an efficient and attractive feeding station, reflecting a blend of care for your pet’s needs and a desire to maintain a tidy home.

Turn a Mudroom into a Clean-Up Room

A mudroom serves as an ideal entry point for managing the comings and goings of all family members, including our four-legged ones. It’s a space where practicality meets convenience. By dedicating a section of your mudroom to your pets, you create a functional area that caters to their specific needs. Start with the essentials, such as installing hooks for leashes and providing drawers for storing their coats or blankets.

For those moments when your pet returns from an adventure with more than just memories—namely, mud and dirt—a specialized cleaning station can be a game-changer. Elevating the functionality of your mudroom with the installation of a walk-in shower allows for easy and quick clean-ups. A shower equipped with a movable showerhead ensures a thorough wash, making it simple to clean your pet from nose to tail.

This feature isn’t just limited to pets. It’s also incredibly handy for rinsing off children’s feet or even muddy gardening tools. Including a few plush towels for drying off adds a touch of warmth to the experience, ensuring your pet feels comfortable and cared for during their mini spa session.

Reimagine Your Backyard

Transforming your backyard into a pet-friendly haven provides your furry companions with a safe space to frolic and relax. It also gives you peace of mind knowing they’re secure and happy.

Begin this transformation by installing a sturdy fence around the perimeter of your yard. This crucial step ensures your pets stay safely within the bounds of your property, preventing them from wandering off and protecting them from outside threats.

If your outdoor area includes a pool, pond, or any water feature, consider adding fencing around these elements as well. Implementing additional safety measures, such as pool covers or alarms, can further prevent unsupervised access to water.

For pet owners concerned about the durability of their lawns, consider investing in artificial turf. The bathroom habits of pets could damage natural grass. However, artificial turf remains resilient and visually appealing regardless of how much your dog runs, plays, or lounges on it.

Its low-maintenance nature also eliminates the need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing. This is an added bonus, allowing you more time to enjoy outdoor activities with your pet. Moreover, many types of artificial turf are specifically designed to be pet-friendly, offering easy cleanup and a comfortable surface for pets to enjoy.

By implementing these thoughtful changes, you can create an outdoor oasis that caters to your pets’ needs and safety while maintaining the aesthetic and functional aspects of your backyard.

Pet-Friendly, Family-Friendly Remodeling in St. Louis

When considering pet-friendly remodels in your home, it’s crucial to choose a partner that understands the unique needs of your family and your furry friends. Mosby Building Arts stands out for its commitment to creating spaces that cater to the comfort and functionality required by pet owners.

With a keen eye for design and an understanding of pet behavior, Mosby ensures that every detail, from built-in pet crates under the staircase to mudroom grooming stations, is crafted with precision and care. Our experts can seamlessly integrate pet amenities into your home’s aesthetic.

The recent kennel project we did in St. Louis was a complete custom remodel. It enhanced the functionality of a previously unused space to create an ideal solution for managing their pets’ needs. Whether it’s providing a calm spot away from guests, a protective environment during unsettling fireworks, or a secure area to prevent mischief when left alone, this custom kennel represents a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal.

Choosing Mosby Building Arts for your pet remodel projects guarantees a hassle-free process, led by professionals who prioritize both your needs and those of your pets. For a pet remodel done right, go with the Tried and True Mosby Blue, where your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind are at the heart of every project.