You may have bought your new house with plans to renovate and now that you’re moved in, you don’t know where to begin! Should you start with the kitchen or bathroom? It’s very easy to become overwhelmed when planning a home remodeling project.

Where or what is my house lacking?

First, there is no right or wrong answer. A great way to decide which room to remodel first is to assess what your home is lacking.  What is the home missing? What’s not working in the home? By putting priority on necessities versus desires, you can trim down your big to-do list and start with the room that has the biggest “deficiency.” If you love to entertain but have a small, closed-off kitchen area, you may choose to prioritize kitchen updates that allow you to shine as the best host in town. In this case, removing a kitchen wall to make it more open concept would be at the top of your list.

Where do I spend the most time?

All considerations being equal, it makes sense to spend your dollars based on where you spend your time. If you’re single or married with no kids, and your idea of a relaxing evening is ordering out and soaking in a bubble bath, a bathroom remodel may be the ideal renovation for you. However, if you love cooking and thrive on making gourmet meals for your family, then initially focus on the kitchen.

What do I need right away?

A bathroom may be a priority project for you because of necessity. If you are older and/or disabled, you may require added upgrades in order to make the room functional. For instance, if there is a shower/tub combo, you may require a walk-in shower that accommodates a wheelchair. Or grab bars may be necessary inside/outside the shower for help with balance.

One important point to make: just because a bathroom is usually smaller than a kitchen, doesn’t mean that the renovation will be any less involved.  In addition to having cabinet/countertop, tiling, flooring and cabinets in common with kitchen, you’re also dealing with toilets, tubs, shower, shower door, mirrors, etc. So, in terms of remodeling, a bathroom can be just as elaborate as a kitchen.

What is my budget?

Another determining factor in considering whether to do a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel first is your planned level of investment. Working with a trusted design build company to better align your remodeling goals with your budget can help determine which project should be tackled first.

When undertaking a project in the home, it is wise to ensure the updates will add to the home’s resale value. There are calculations that measure how much return on your investment certain updates will provide. When it comes to whether the bathroom or kitchen will max out that projection, experts generally regard kitchen remodels over bathrooms as more effective for home resale in terms of aesthetics and the fact that the kitchen is a more highly-trafficked area. Also keep in mind that the kitchen is the room that most people see first when shopping for a new home.

While there are many variables that come into play, the facts lean towards prioritizing your kitchen renovation before a bathroom. However, each home and each family are unique. The great thing about home improvement projects is that they do not usually have to be done at once. By addressing any major issues first and then tackling the rooms one by one, you will get those renovations done in a very efficient way. Or it could turn out that doing both the kitchen and bathroom renovations simultaneously could afford economies of scale.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which remodeled room would best benefit you and your family.  In the end, either renovation will greatly add to the value of your home. A good option is to bring in a 3rd party design build company like Mosby with a high level of expertise that can help you create a master plan for all the projects you’re considering. This would prevent you from doing one remodeling project and only to realize you should have proceeded in a different way to accomplish your second project. Mosby would be able to help you budget and phase everything accordingly. Call us at 314-909-1800 to begin planning your renovation!