Cleaning cabinets is risky because the grease and oil residue that typically coats your cabinets also softens and destroys the cabinet finish. Removing the grease and oil from your cabinets usually removes the clear coat stain or paint on the cabinets themselves which can require totally refinishing the cabinets.

If you decide to clean your cabinets, plan on the possibility of having to re-stain and apply a clear coat finish to them too. The oils from cooking, from our hands in the kitchen and the length of time this oil can lay on the cabinet doors can cause the finish to fail. Cleaning solutions like Formula 409 will really clean your cabinets – BUT may also take off the clear coat too. If this happens plan on refinishing the cabinets in a similar fashion as refinishing furniture.

You can use a Formby’s refinish kit or product to clean the cabinets or wood, also a stain cleaner, and then use a clear coat finish to protect the stain. These furniture finishes are short lived because most furniture is less touched and oiled/greased as kitchen cabinets. If the finish and stain are really gone your choice is to have them professionally finished or to replace the cabinets with new ones. If you would like expert help with this project call our office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.