Squeaky hardwood floors in the winter are often made worse from very dry air amongst other things. Check the relative moisture in your home with a digital meter to assure the indoor humidity is between 30% – 50% relative humidity. Indoor air dryer than 30% causes everything to shrink, wood, cabinets, flooring, drywall, furniture, skin on our bodies and nasal membranes.

Once the wood floors shrink in the winter, they typically remain noisy forever. You can swell the wood tighter with higher interior humidity but not usually enough to quiet the sounds.

I suggest you avoid screws or wedges as they are not long term solutions. Usually these efforts make matters worse over time. Screws can split the wood flooring, wedges can loosen the boards and nails cannot be attractively added after wood floor installation.

Remember that your wood floor surface moves a lot as it expands from higher humidity and shrinks with lower humidity.