History of Aluminum Window Installation in St. Louis

Aluminum windows were a popular choice for St. Louis home builders in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Aluminum windows provided a cheaper alternative to wood or steel windows.  They often came in many different sizes, colors, and operational types.  The St. Louis area has a lot of wider sliding windows which was a fit for aluminum type windows.  Early aluminum windows were built with single pane glass and then changed to a dual glass pane style.  Aluminum windows also allowed for a sleeker modern look to St. Louis homes.

Why Did Homebuilders Move Away from Installing Aluminum Windows?

Even though aluminum windows were once a very good product option, problems began to arise. Aluminum became a higher cost material for the window manufacturers to buy.  This created an issue for the new construction St. Louis home builders which saw their prices increase, and they started to search for other lower cost options.  Home builders moved on to vinyl windows as a solution. 

What Problems Did Homeowners Discover with Aluminum Windows?

St. Louis home owners discovered over the years that aluminum windows were not the best choice for their home.  In the cold freeze thaw climate of St. Louis, aluminum windows would conduct the winter energy through the window frames.  Humidity in the home would be attracted to the cold window and freeze the window shut.  Aluminum windows were also difficult to clean.  The metal frames would attract dust and dirt.  They did not have an easy clean tilt option that the newer vinyl windows offer.  Many aluminum window types were built with clear air-filled glass that did not provide much energy efficiency.

Why Does Window Installation Matter?

Removal and installation of new windows can be completed correctly even if aluminum windows exist in the home.  In many cases the existing glass and aluminum frames are removed completely.  The new window can be installed in the existing opening and finished back to the siding or masonry exterior.  Proper installation requires accurate measurement for the new windows and an experienced professional window company to install the new windows.

What Are the Benefits of Installing New Windows?

There are many benefits of installing new windows in your home.  You will feel the difference with increased energy efficiency and decreased energy bills.  New windows will help reduce noise into your home especially if you live near a busy street.  Cleaning your windows most likely will become more convenient and safer.  The exterior of your home may have increased curb appeal and value.

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