Are you looking to replace your windows? Selecting the right windows for your home can be overwhelming given all the styles, materials, and features that are available to choose from. Whether you’re building a new home or planning to replace existing windows, the key is to know which choices work best with your home. Here are three factors in choosing your new windows: 

1.Detecting Which Windows Need to be Replaced

Look for condensation that frequently appears on or between glass panels, which indicates a health and energy efficiency issue. If you have difficulty opening or operating a window, this signals a safety and comfort concern that would need to be addressed. Check for drafty areas around the window frame or if there are water stains or rot on wood window sashes or sills. If rotting is evident this is a mold and structural problem, and it’s time to replace your windows.


2.Selecting New Windows

There is an endless variety of types of windows and price points. It becomes easier to narrow down your choices by considering the following:

• Choosing a style easy to operate and addresses safety and energy efficiency issues
• Selecting a look that compliments both the exterior and interior design of your home
• Adhering to historical or neighborhood association requirements
• Understanding the structure of the wall around the window
• Providing a strong manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty

3.Choosing A Window Installer

The most important part of replacement windows is how they are installed. The most expensive window will perform badly if installed wrong, while the cheapest window can perform admirably if installed correctly. Choosing a qualified window installer is assurance your new windows will perform properly and not cause other, unintended, problems. The Exteriors by Mosby method of selecting and installing windows includes treating your home with the utmost respect while taking care of all the details that deliver effectiveness and efficiency for your window investment.