Whether it’s crowding around to eat food or helping to pitch in, the kitchen brings everyone together. That’s why kitchen upgrades are always at the top of the mind for St. Louis homeowners. Transforming your kitchen space with little updates here and there will help you maximize your space for creating more lifelong memories. Here are some great ideas for updating your kitchen!

1. Update the Counters

As soon as you enter the kitchen, nothing captures the eyes quite like brand-new countertops. Counters tie the whole kitchen together, as they can accentuate your cabinets, walls, and appliances.

Updating the counters doesn’t just increase aesthetics. It can improve the practicality of your kitchen. 

For instance, marble or quartz countertops are heat resistant. In fact, they can even second as a cooling rack when you make your next batch of cookies! Upgrading from pliable materials, like laminate or Formica, will improve your cooking experience and increase the value of your home.  

2. Hang a Pot Rack

Since everybody tends to gather in the kitchen, spaces can start to feel limited. Open things up by installing a pot rack in the ceiling.

Removing your pots and pans from cabinets will increase your storage space. You’ll be able to declutter countertops and turn them into functional spaces again. 

Also, pot racks add a little flare to your kitchen. They’re like a culinary chandelier!

3. Install Open Shelving

The biggest kitchen trend of 2022 in St. Louis is generating more usable or liveable space. Installing open shelves will help you achieve this goal. 

Much like your culinary chandelier, open shelving creates more cabinet storage. That is a huge decluttering win. 

Also, open shelving allows you to display items you regularly use, your beautiful plate set, and more! 

Many St. Louis homeowners are using open shelves for practicality and for decoration. It’s common to see a vase of fresh-cut flowers or a photo of loved ones in between a toaster and a coffee press.

4. Put In A New Backsplash

Backsplashes make a big splash for small kitchen updates. They are the perfect accent for this much-beloved room. Even better, they are easy to install. So, you can change your backsplash whenever you feel your kitchen needs something different. 

Backsplashes are also a good investment for cutting down on cleaning time. Kitchens can get messy…and things tend to splash. A backsplash will have your back against splashes much better than paint or wallpaper.

5. Upgrade the Lighting

More space isn’t the only home upgrade trend in St. Louis. Extra lighting is also in high demand. 

Seeing what you’re doing in the kitchen is essential. After all, there are sharp objects in there. Plus, appreciating the bright colors of a birthday cake or the perfectly roasted turkey on Thanksgiving is also much easier with good lighting!

Putting in recessed lights with a dimmer is also a fantastic option that will enable you to adapt to the natural light provided at any time of day. Plus, dimmers are great for setting the mood during a gathering.

Small kitchen upgrades can really improve your house. Just make sure you consult with a licensed professional, like the team at Mosby Building Arts. Little updates can become big disasters when done improperly. Trusting in a licensed professional will save you time, money, and future headaches!