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What is the Cost of a St. Louis Deck?

A deck has practically become a standard feature of Metro St. Louis homes, and the more you use them the more you may long for a new and improved deck. So how much could a new deck cost you? Every deck project is unique, so it’s impossible to know a precise price tag...

Q&A: How to Properly Remove Snow From a Deck

Question We have a new wood deck, and with snow in the forecast, we need to know the best way to remove snow without causing damage. Also, what type of ice melt should we use for it? Answer Great questions! We will break this down into two separate categories, and the...

Deck Denial: Thinking Your Deck is Good When It's Not

You may love spending time on your deck, but can you accurately gauge if it’s safe to do so? As long as a deck is standing and serving us, we tend to ignore the maintenance and quality of the structure until something goes wrong. Avoid the dangers of deck denial by...