Optimize your living space by increasing your outdoor living space. One of the most effective ways of achieving this balance is by building a deck (or updating the one you have). Improve the functionality of your outdoor space to increase your enjoyment, all while generating up to 75% return on investment (ROI) for your St. Louis home. Here are some ways to boost your usable living space by installing a new deck or improving the one you already have.

Create Double-Decker Entertainment Space

Since the pandemic, thousands of St. Louis residents have started to spend more time at home. While it’s wonderful to be close to those we love the most, we also could use a little space. Keep your loved ones near and your peace of mind with a deck. 

Decks provide entertainment space beyond walking out the door. They also provide a canopy for even more areas to unwind for hanging out underneath. Plant some grass and install a fountain for a serene meditation area. Bring in some sand and put up some rope lights to create a beachside oasis. 

Depending on how the deck is installed, your under-deck area might be nicely protected from the elements. Sealing overhead cracks or putting up a deck skirt can extend your outdoor time underneath the deck. It can also make the space adequate for storage.  Be sure to weigh your options carefully by speaking with a licensed St. Louis contractor about ways to optimize the space above and below your deck! 

Extend the Current Deck

Already have a deck, but it needs an upgrade? Perhaps you need the space that isn’t accommodating your growing family or needs. Extend what you already have. Adding to your deck can be beneficial in several ways. For one, it might bring to light some structural defects that need to be addressed. At this point, a deck renovation would be proactive and, in many instances, cost-effective.

Making your deck larger also allows you to create multiple functional spaces. You can make the dream blueprint for the ultimate cookout, including where to put your patio furniture, BBQ pit, and more. 

A deck extension can also help you maximize your comfort. Depending on where your house sits compared to the sun, more deck space can provide more opportunities for shade on those sunny days or increased exposure to those sun rays for a good tan.  Some deck extensions might go beyond local St. Louis zoning codes. You must speak to a local contractor, like Mosby Building Arts, to make compliant decisions. 

Create the Vibe You Want 

A deck is an extension of your house. Use it to showcase your style preferences in a relaxing environment.  Decks are functional in the daytime or at night. Add some deck skirting to accentuate the deck to increase your daytime ambiance. This skirting can also create an encasement for the storage or additional entertainment underneath that we mentioned earlier!

Once you add the deck, increase the ambiance around the area. Consider sprucing up your landscape with shrubbery and perennials. These additions will provide viewing pleasure and, in some cases, additional privacy. These little touches also increase potential curb appeal for those looking to list their St. Louis home.

You don’t want your dream deck to turn into a zoning nightmare or to fall apart in a mild storm. If you decide to increase your outdoor living space, please speak to a licensed contractor familiar with St. Louis zoning laws. Mosby Building Arts is here to help with your deck and outdoor living projects.