Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to freshen up your living spaces, optimize them to meet your needs, and increase your St. Louis home market value. Redoing aspects of your bathroom doesn’t have to be overly expensive. In fact, it can be cost-effective, especially if you maintain the existing blueprint. Here are some cost-cutting ways to remodel your bathroom!

Update Your Shower or Tub

Both showers and tubs are heavily used items in the household. They are prone to cracked tiles or faded coats. Refinish your shower or tub with a few cost-effective tactics. 

For tubs, you can remove any old caulking, sandpaper the entire fixture, and then give it a new coating. Showers come with even more possibilities. You can change any tiles currently in the shower, or order a prefabricated piece as a replacement. 

While prefabricated showers are easier to install, they might not fit your space adequately. That can leave room for water to get trapped in between the wall and fixture, which could become a breeding ground for mold. 

Change Your Sink 

Sinks are more than just a way to stay sanitary. They can also be a statement about your stylistic taste. More and more St. Louis residents are paying particular attention to their sinks. Many are replacing fixtures with brightly colored sinks that cause the bathroom to pop. 

Others are looking at sinks for their practicality over style. While essential, sinks can take up a considerable amount of space. That’s why floating sinks have also increased in popularity among St. Louis residents. 

Floating sinks allow for crate storage or an area to tuck away an ottoman that can be used for getting ready. With strategic sink placement, you can really maximize your space!

Upgrade Your Toilet

Using the bathroom is necessary for humans. We might as well enjoy it. New toilets have many features that can transform your bathroom trip into a mini getaway. Get a new toilet that has heated seats or LED panels. Upgrade the experience even more by installing a bidet.

Many St. Louis homeowners are also opting for water-efficient toilets. This will allow you to monitor how much water you use per flush, saving your household on utility costs and preserving a vital resource! 

Give It A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing livens up a living space more than giving it a fresh coat of paint. This is especially true in bathrooms. Bathrooms produce high humidity, which can cause paint to peel. It can also create water spots on your ceiling. These can all be fixed with a simple paint job.

Many of today’s paints are formulated with anti-mildew and anti-mold chemicals. While this option is a little more expensive than traditional paint, it will last longer and prevent microbial growth that can make your family sick. Talk to a licensed St. Louis contractor about the most cost-effective options for high-humidity paint.

Redo Your Window Treatment

Bathrooms create a lot of steam, which can tarnish your curtains. Update your window treatment regularly to maintain a bright, clean look for your bathroom. Dictate the amount of light (and your levels of privacy) with Roman shades. Just make sure that the fabric is mildew-resistant, or clean them regularly. 

Nobody likes cool air to damper a warm shower. Make sure your windows are sealed properly. If you’re thinking about new windows, consider the whole house and save per window

Lastly, adequate airflow is crucial for maintaining a sanitary bathroom. If you decide to install a new window, consider adding additional windows or enlarging your current one. This can allow for more light to help you get ready for the daytime or create a nice cross-breeze for your bath during a warm summer night. 

No matter what you decide to do, make sure you go with a licensed contractor in St. Louis, like Mosby Building Arts. We can help you find the best materials to prevent mold growth, as well as the most affordable options. Plus, we’ll get the job done right so that you can enjoy your remodeled bathroom without any headaches!