mosby small bathroom design ideas

One of the toughest bathroom design challenges is how to fit a sink, shower and toilet into a space the size of a shoe box and still have room to use it. Oh, and it needs storage for necessities. Plus, it must look good.

That’s a lot to ask from a tiny space that requires high function. Here are 9 design ideas for small bathrooms:

1. A Round Vanity

A curved vanity is typically smaller than a traditional square or rectangle version, which leaves more air space to move around in. Plus, a round vanity means no corners to bump into!

2. A Corner Vanity

If there’s really no room in the main traffic area for any shape of vanity, consider installing one in a corner of the bathroom. This configuration works best with the sink in a far corner, across from the toilet so the main walk path is reserved for getting in and out of the shower.

trough sink with wall-mount faucets

3. Skip the Vanity Altogether

A wall-mounted trough sink (above) is long and narrow so won’t crowd the walkway, and the open area underneath expands storage options. Install the faucet at one end for added efficiency.

4. A Wall-Mounted Faucet

Instead of the traditional sink-mounted faucet, consider installing the faucet in the wall. This frees up anywhere from 4 – 8” inches of usable surface on the sink top (and in a small bathroom, that’s a significant measurement), and makes a space-saving, narrow sink or vanity look all the more sophisticated. Or as shown in the above photo, a combination wall-mount faucet and trough sink is some handsome multi-tasking in a small room.

mosby wall mounted toilet

5. A Wall-Mounted Toilet

A wall-mounted toilet, like the one above, is a space-saver in two ways. Because all the plumbing parts are behind the wall, the toilet does not extend as far out into the space.  And because it floats above the floor, there is more foot space to maneuver in. Added benefits: makes keeping the bathroom clean much easier and you can determine the perfect seating height.

6. Vertical Wall Shelving

Use up the wall space with a tower cabinet that rests on the vanity and climbs the wall to the ceiling. Or add a series of free-floating shelves of various widths. There is also the option of cabinets above the toilet. Just be aware of head space and swinging doors so neither of those things are bumping into the shelving!

mosby glass bathroom shelf

7. Extend a Shelf From Sink to Toilet

Where to put the items used daily is a major bathroom design challenge, and look to the walls for extra storage. Install a shelf in that area above the sink and below the medicine cabinet (similar to the glass shelf shown above), and have it extend over the toilet. This idea also works as a counter for the sink to set on, and have it narrow over the toilet, which is also known as banjo-style.

8. A Mirror Wall

Never underestimate the visual component of making a small space seem bigger. Mirrors optically double the size of the bathroom, and if that large expanse of mirror is also wall-mounted medicine cabinets, storage has been physically doubled.

9. No Swinging Doors

Be it a glass shower door or the door to the bathroom, a swinging door requires at least 2.5 feet of clearance to operate safely.  For the shower, conserve space with a shower curtain, a stationary glass panel or a sliding glass door. For the bathroom door itself, sliding pocket doors are great if there’s adequate room in the walls. If not, a sliding door mounted barn-style outside the bathroom is a clever solution.

These are only 9 ideas for a beautiful and functional tiny bathroom. Because every bathroom remodeling project is unique, there are countless ways to innovate in a small space.

The bathroom designers at Mosby Building Arts love the challenge of small bathroom design because necessity creates some of the best solutions. For help remodeling your small bathroom, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.