Some of the most unbelievable home improvement rip-offs come from scam-artists disguised as roofers.  Reputable roofing contractors have to deal with an unfairly tarnished reputation because consumers are too often taken in by unlicensed pretenders.  Follow this advice from the roofing consultants and installers of Exteriors by Mosby to avoid being ripped off by a roofer:

Ignore a Roofer Who Contacts You Unsolicited
Even if you really are in need of a new roof, do not work with a roofer who knocked on your door uninvited. Reputable roofers only engage when you have made the first call to request their services.

Avoid a Roofer Who Appears Right After a Storm
It’s a sad fact that there are unscrupulous storm chasers who knock on doors hours after a severe storm. Even if there are giant holes in the roof, never give money to someone on your porch calling themselves a roofer, for it’s highly probable you’ll never see the roofer or the money again. In this situation, your first call is to the insurance company, the second call to a reputable roofing company.

Research Which Roofing Companies to Call
The internet makes it easy to compile a list of reputable roofing contractors. Look for companies with a good reputation, proven work experience, and a verifiable company address and employees. Start at to find accredited companies in your area, and read the reviews and company history. Once you have a list from this trusted and impartial source, do further research  on consumer-review sites like Angie’s List as well as each company’s website and social media. This should help narrow down the list of companies you will call.

Meet to Review the Roof & Establish a Relationship
Good roofers need to inspect a roof before they make a diagnosis or estimate, so set an appointment at your home, and get to know the roofing contractor. Ask every question (and for clarification if needed) because true professionals take pride in their work and service and are happy to provide answers. Feeling at ease and with a sense of trust for the roofing contractor is just as important as price.

Hold Your Money Until There’s a Signed Contract
Never start a roofing project without a signed contract that includes a scope of the work to be completed and the warranty. All reputable roofers will insist upon this, as it protects you and them. And professionals will not accept or ask for money until this contract is signed by all parties. In fact, the payment schedule should be spelled out in the contract.

Following these steps will save you from being ripped-off by a roofer – or any contractor, actually. A little common sense, research and face-to-face meeting goes a long way to getting the quality and service you want.

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