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What is the Cost of St. Louis Curb Appeal?

What is the Cost of St. Louis Curb Appeal?

Replacement of your home’s roofing, siding, windows, and doors has the greatest return on investment. This is why, “How much will it cost?” is the most popular question asked in home consultations. When needing a rough estimate to adjust expectations and...

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off By a Roofer

Some of the most unbelievable home improvement rip-offs come from scam-artists disguised as roofers.  Reputable roofing contractors have to deal with an unfairly tarnished reputation because consumers are too often taken in by unlicensed pretenders.  Follow this...

Q&A: How Do You Remove Black Streaks on the Roof?

We frequently hear from homeowners seeking answers to repair and maintenance problems. Many of these questions and answers are compiled in our Home Improvement Library. Here is a recent question. Question I have black streaks on the north side of my roof. What causes...