5 Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready For Winter

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Flooring, Miscellaneous, Windows

Winter in St. Louis is quickly approaching. Now is the time to make sure your home is ready for the winter season. Since the clock is ticking and cold weather is almost here, you might not have time to get the big projects done. Here are five things you can do before the season changes.

1. Disconnect Your Garden Hose

Who would think that something as simple as disconnecting your garden hose could save you so much money and headaches? Well, it can! As St. Louis temperatures drop below freezing, the water inside your hose will freeze. If the hose is still connected, ice can cause the hose and/or spigot to burst. In worst-case scenarios, this pressure may also promote a burst pipe connected to the house. This damage might cause gallons of water to enter the basement or first floor and cause renovations you don’t want during the winter.


2. Update Your Floors

Cold air looms along with the floors. Plus, drafts might sneak in from under doors. So, the fall and winter are great times to upgrade your flooring. Save on heating bills by installing either hydronic floor heating or electric floor heating. Hydronic floor heating is powered by a central boiler that heats the floors in various rooms. Electric floor heating requires embedded resistance wires that are controlled by a thermostat. Of course, new floor upgrades without radiant flooring can also improve your home this winter. Putting down new tiles allows you the opportunity to seal any loose cracks that let in outside air. You can also boost your warmth by installing a carpet over your floor!


3. Upgrade Your Entertainment System

The winter means spending more time indoors. Cozy up this season with the ultimate entertainment experience. Turn your house into a content hub curated for maximum comfort. Get a mounted television that swivels out to meet the viewers. Update your surround system to create a completely immersive experience. Maybe even transform your basement into the movie theatre of your dreams! 

4. Install New Windows

New windows are essential for heating cost savings and being comfortable all winter long. Installing new windows allows you to address any draft entry or seal breaks. Plus, the newer glass will provide stronger protection against harsh winter winds.


5. Check the Chimney

The chimney can be an excellent resource for heating savings. It can also become a health hazard when not properly maintained. Have a professional inspect your chimney. First, they will make sure there are no critters living inside. Then, they can provide a good sweep so that smoke actually escapes into the air and not in your home. Even if you don’t use your chimney, it should be inspected. Cracks in its foundation can cause cold air to enter the house. Not to mention, these cracks can worsen time, especially as water accumulates inside of them and freezes. With time, a damaged chimney can cause structural issues for the entire house. It’s important to have a licensed professional give your chimney a good inspection every winter.