If you’re content with the size and layout of your kitchen but are unhappy with how outdated and worn it looks, you’re ready for a kitchen facelift.

Updating kitchen surfaces and details without altering the basic layout is also known as a pull and replace by the remodeling industry. It’s a relatively quick and more affordable way to have a new kitchen.

Here are 7 improvements that will substantially update and rejuvenate your kitchen:


1. Revitalize Cabinets

New doors on existing cabinets gives you a massive change without the higher expense and time of all new cabinetry. Re-staining, painting, or adding trim to flat panel doors are other options to revive the appearance of timeworn cabinets. New hardware – aka knobs and pulls – will immediately enhance and distinctively update the look.


2. Replace Countertops

After cabinets, countertops are the most prominent focal point of the kitchen. You can splurge on natural stone like granite or marble (shown above). But you can make a big impact with less costly counter materials like onyx, laminate, wood or Corian.


3. Install a New Faucet

A functional item like a faucet need not be utilitarian. Faucet choices are endless – here’s a nice Kohler starting point. Consider choosing a finish that matches your new cabinet hardware for a nicely tailored effect. Shown above is the KWC Domo pull-down faucet.


4. Add Trim & Molding

One of the most overlooked ways to change the look of kitchen is with the addition of trim and molding. Adorning the ceiling with crown molding, wainscoting crested with a chair rail, or the augmentation of existing trim around doors and windows are some of the artful options that add style and polish.


5. Refresh the Paint

The quickest and most cost-effective facelift you can give your kitchen is a new wall color. A formerly white-walled kitchen looks brand new with a lively citrus background (like the color in the kitchen above). Or a nice trick is a neutral color all over with a bold pop of color on one or two key walls.


6. Install New Flooring

The floor is the largest area in your kitchen, so changing this surface will make a big impact.  Options include refinishing an existing wood floor and applying a new stain color, or look into the fascinating world of vinyl and laminate floors that successfully mimic other materials. For instance, the “stone” floor above is actually vinyl tile.


7. Update the Lighting

Adding more light under cabinets and over task areas immediately changes the feel of your kitchen. But also consider changing a ceiling-mounted light fixture to a dangling pendant (or 3 pendants over the island, like the kitchen above), or an unexpectedly whimsical chandelier. Think of light fixtures like jewelry and have some fun while making it easier to see the results of your kitchen facelift!

We enjoy working with homeowners on transforming the look of their kitchen, because it’s a fun adventure with relatively quick results. Mosby designers shop with you and help coordinate your new palette of colors, textures and surfaces. Installation tends to be smooth because Mosby carpenters are replacing pieces rather than building new from scratch.

For ideas and help with your kitchen facelift, call Mosby Building Arts at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.