Increasing the amount of natural light in your home reduces your reliance on artificial light during the day (also reflected in your electric bill!) while boosting your sense of well-being. Here are 8 ways to light up your life, ranging from do-it-yourself to professional remodeling projects:

1. Open the Door

Replacing a solid exterior door for one with windows or side lights instantly brightens a room. Even one window at the top of a door (as shown above) will increase daytime visibility.

2. Use Existing Windows

Opening the curtains or blinds during the day immediately illuminates a room. Trade heavy drapes for sheer curtains. Rearrange the furniture if heavy furniture blocks light coming through those windows.

3. Lighten Up

Painting walls white or other light colors will help move the natural light around a room. Dark moulding can absorb light, so consider a lighter hue for those, as well.

4. Trade Walls for Windows

Let the sun shine in and take advantage of a view by installing a wall of windows or sliding glass door. In the kitchen above, a wall becomes windows, and even the back door has panes of glass and a transom window. Speaking of transom windows, they are the solution for having more light if the view isn’t so good or privacy is a concern, like in this St. Louis kitchen remodel.

See more photos of the sunny kitchen remodel shown above.

5. Let’s Reflect

Place mirrors around the room to reflect existing natural light. Experiment with different sizes of mirrors and how they’re placed. An added benefit is that mirrors will also make the room appear bigger while doubling your light.

6. Enlarge Windows

Without enlarging the opening in the wall you can increase daylight with replacement windows that have thinner frames, or bay windows whose three sides naturally grab more light.

7. Light Up Anyplace

Solar tubes make it possible to bring light to most any space in your home. As shown in the master bathroom above, they are ideal for rooms where a window or skylight is not feasible. And their small footprint on both the roof and ceiling makes for a relatively affordable installation. See more photos of this master suite addition that uses solar tubes and plenty of additional windows.

8. Welcome the Skylight

Modern technology and improved installation techniques have eliminated most of the leakage problems once associated with skylights. The addition of ventilation panels and remote control blinds also makes them ideal for indoor climate control.

See a modern kitchen where the addition of 2 skylights made a huge difference.

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