Bookmark These Ideas: Remodeling Projects for Book Lovers

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Those who really love books tend to have a lot of them. Ask a book lover what they desire most and chances are they reply “more bookcases!” Here are a few storage solutions Mosby Building Arts designed for St. Louis bookworms.

01 mosby dining becomes library

A dining room that was seldom used because of a huge eat-in kitchen is converted to a library. Two walls are lined with bookcases, and the lighting is increased with multiple ceiling can lights on dimmer switches. Add some comfortable chairs and end tables for lamps, and this room becomes one of the most-used in the home.

02 mosby kitchen bookcases

For a family with lots of cookbooks, their kitchen remodel made sure to include a pair of bookcases. As part of an open floor plan, the bookcases attached to the end of the island and peninsula create a soft boundary and keep the recipe books handy without being in the way.

03 mosby quilting studio book storage

When an attached one-car garage was converted to a quilting studio, storage was cleverly designed to house a lot of quilting supplies and tools while leaving plenty of work room. For the quilters library of reference books, Mosby designed a window bench seat with open storage underneath, which is a great way to get multi-use from built-in furniture.  See more photos of this quilting studio project.

04 mosby library addition

The need for a home office and library resulted in this addition to the front elevation of a Creve Coeur home. Two walls of built-in, custom cabinets blend with the wood paneling and coffered ceiling to create an Old World feel of luxury, but there’s no missing how many books are filling those shelves. See more photos of this library addition project.

05 mosby basement bookcase wall 01

This is a hallway that’s part of an extensive basement remodel. An inviting bank of custom-made built-in bookcases holds a surprise. Open the pocket door to enter a bedroom, which has a mirror-image wall of bookcases, as well (below).

06 mosby basement bookcase wall 02

This side of the bookcase wall is an apartment designed for the homeowner’s father. Turns out father and daughter are long-term book worms, so his apartment includes another bank of built-in bookcases on the opposite end of the room. Elsewhere in this basement, Mosby created a home office that is also floor-to-ceiling banks of built-in cases. See more photos of this basement remodeling project.

If you have books, Mosby designers have endless ideas for how to incorporate those books into your home in a beautiful and functional way. To get started, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.