Color Trends for 2014 and How to Use Them in Your Home

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Color is fun and inspiring, and exploring new colors is an invigorating way to play. At the start of each new year, the major paint manufacturers unveil their pick for Color of the Year, and it’s akin to watching a new season of clothes walk down a runway. The possibilities are endless!

Let’s review 2014’s colors of the year, and discuss the many different ways to bring those colors into your home.

2014-PANTONE color-trends-salonPantone makes the most exciting splash of 2014 with their choice of Radiant Orchid. Even better is the coordinating and contrasting palette (shown above) they’ve put together for this energetic purple.

sher will exclusive plum
Sherwin-Williams also gave the nod to a purple for their color of the year, though Exclusive Plum (above) is far more sedate and sophisticated, and would serve as more of a neutral background in your home.  They have also put together a suggested palette of colors to pair with the plum.

ppg porter turning oakleaf
Beyond purple we have PPG Paints – also available as Porter Paints – choice of Turning Oakleaf (above) as their 2014 color, describing it as “a buttercream with a fullness to it while remaining light enough to act as a neutral.”  For the colors selected to coordinate with this calm yet lively yellow, see their New Spirit palette.

ben moore breath of fresh air 2014
Benjamin Moore also went with a lighter pastel shade for 2014. Their Breath of Fresh Air (above left) has a refined tranquility that takes a modern edge when paired with earthy browns and whites.

pantone fall winter 2014

You may have noticed that each of the 2014 Colors of the Year has a brown in their complimentary palette. Pantone has made note of our growing fondness for brown, and tied it to the shades of luxury leather accessories (above). Just as a brown boot goes with most everything in your closet, so does a brown paint in your home. And these are shades that belong comfortably to both men and women.

How to Use the 2014 Colors in Your Home

If you were to paint one room of your home a different color every year, it’s a new coat of paint in each room roughly once every 5 years. This is a good rule of thumb for keeping rooms fresh and your interior design inspiring to your daily comfort.

But there are other ways to play with new colors besides painting an entire room. Ideas to introduce a new color to your home include:

• Pick one wall to use the color as an accent

• Apply to only the inside border of an entryway between rooms

• Pass-through spaces like hallways are a good place to try bolder colors

• Look up to the ceiling for a large area that’s not a dominant surface of a room. Try it first in a guest bedroom or powder room to see the transformative impact it has. Below is an example of Pantone’s Radiant Orchid in a dining room.

radiant orchid on ceiling
Adding new colors isn’t just about paint. Explore 2014 color trends with throw rugs, throw pillows, tablecloths, or window treatments. Slipcovers over chairs or a sofa can give you a major color boost without a major investment. Or refurbish an old or acquired piece of furniture by painting it your most favorite, daring 2014 shade.

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