In remodeling, it’s important to strike a balance between past trends, what’s trending at the moment and what will look good in the future. When updating your home’s exterior there are many things a homeowner can do to improve curb appeal. A recent trend in exterior remodeling is incorporating natural materials and elements to achieve a goal of contemporary yet timeless design.  Natural materials would generally consist of wood, stone, brick and their lookalikes.  Using these materials will add a feeling of stability and calmness to your home’s exterior.

Cedar home

For instance, using rough cut wooden beams (above) provides a rustic look which is popular in today’s design. Natural and artificial cedar shake siding can be used as on gables and dormers to add character to a home’s exterior.  Shake siding accents are both widely used in contemporary home construction and are a classic material made popular generations ago and still stand the test of time.

stone home 2

Another timeless, natural material which is great to include in an exterior update is stone.  One common way stone is incorporated into exterior design is with the use of real or manufactured stone veneer.   Stone can be used in many was to highlight the exterior of a home. From entire walls of stone to framing around an entryway, its versatility is an appealing attribute.  Manufactured stone is usually more affordable, not as heavy, and is easier to install because it doesn’t require the stabilizing and structural factors of steel lintels or footings.  Real stone has the advantage of appearing more genuine.  This is especially the case when pieces of veneer are cut.   Cut pieces of manufactured stone often don’t match its cultured exterior and can appear unauthentic.  However, with a well-planned design these cuts can be hidden.

A great design uses these components to accompany the overall look of the home while helping it stand out  When thought out and executed well,  integration of natural elements won’t feel out of place but rather something that’s been there from the construction of the home to present day.

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