wall hung toilet

Long a standard in Europe, the wall-hung toilet is quickly becoming an American favorite. The wall-hung version works the same as the traditional floor-mount model save for the water tank which is installed out of sight behind the wall.

This innovative plumbing feature enables a pared-down, minimalistic look for toilets, which also opens up new avenues of bathroom design. Depending upon your needs, a wall-mounted toilet can be easily tucked out of sight or turned into an important architectural element of contemporary and modern bath design.

Here are the pros and cons of switching to a wall-mounted toilet:

Advantages of a Wall-Hung Toilet

Save Space: European bathrooms tend to be smaller than the American counterpart, which explains their appeal overseas – they take up far less space. Depending on the model, a wall-hung model saves up to a foot of floor space. This Kohler diagram shows the dramatic difference in sizes:

kohler toilet diagram

If you have a small bathroom, the wall-hung model is like an answered prayer, instantly creating more floor space. They are also especially brilliant in tiny powder rooms.

Easy Cleaning: Less toilet fixture means less to keep clean. Because the bowl is suspended above the floor, it’s easier to clean the floor. Upping the hygiene factor is a major plus.

Design Friendly: Because a floating toilet takes up far less space, there’s less pattern break on floor and wall tile surfaces.  Not only does it look seamless, your designer and tile installer are much happier.

Height Adjustable: A wall-hung toilet can be mounted anywhere from 15 – 28 inches from the floor. Wherever is comfortable for you is where it goes. This follows the guidelines of both universal and accessible design while looking good.

Disadvantages of a Wall-Hung Toilet

Plumbing Expense: Unlike switching out an old toilet for new, a wall-hung model requires moving pipes from the floor to the wall. New or reconfigured plumbing adds to the budget

Framing Issues: Because the water tank hides in the wall, a wall-hung toilet installation requires knocking out and rebuilding the wall. It also needs additional framing and extra bolting to studs. Because of the construction elements, floating toilets usually happen during a major bathroom remodel rather than a pull-and-replace update.

Price Tag: The cost of a wall-hung toilet is considerably more than a standard model, currently ranging from $225 to over $1,000 for the entire kit.

kohler veil toilet

St. Louis remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts has recently installed a few wall-hung toilets, indicating that the design and hygiene value of this style of fixture is gaining popularity. Here is the model Mosby clients have had great success with. Learn more about Kohler’s Veil wall-mount toilet.

If you’re considering this style of toilet for your bathroom, talk with the Mosby design team to explore your options. Call Mosby at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.