Scam Cartoon

As the summer rolls on and the heat rises, chances for storms increase which could mean damage to your roof.  Unfortunately for some, this damage becomes an opportunity to exploit homeowners.  The stories of being cheated by unlicensed, unethical contractors are real for many people.

Be suspicious if:

They approach you

Unwarranted sales calls are a sign of concern. Professional contractors will wait for you to contact them.

Their timing is too perfect

Going along with unwarranted sales calls, contractors who show up after a storm could be anyone off the street and not necessarily have the technical knowledge or any intention to perform the services that you are paying for. The first step you should take after your home has incurred storm damage is to call your insurance company to see how to proceed. Then reach out to a reliable roofing contractor.

Here’s what you can do:

Investigate the Company

With all the available information out on the web, looking for a professional and reliable roofing contractor couldn’t be easier. Places like the BBB, where you can find contractors who have a track record of delivering great installation and customer service is a fantastic resource. Other review websites and even a company’s social media can shed light on how they do business and what people are saying about them.

Set Up a Time to Get Together to Inspect the Roof

A contractor should want to meet the homeowner to go over the roof, evaluate the damage and offer up solutions. Make sure you understand what’s being presented to you and follow up with any questions you may have.

Don’t Pay Until You Put Pen to Paper

Any professional and reliable contractor will present a contract and work scope to be signed before any money transaction takes place or the work begins. This ensures all parties that work will be completed under the agreed upon terms. Most companies will also have a warranty to guarantee installation is done correctly. Be leery of any contractor who wants money up front before details are settled.

These helpful tips will help you from falling into the trap of shady business practices.

If you’re looking to repair or replace your roof, choose the professionals at Exteriors by Mosby, who you can trust to perform excellent workmanship and customer service.  To contact, call 314-909-8383, or go online here.