This beautiful Ladue home was in need of several updates throughout the property. The clients have lived in the home for approximately 10 years. When they moved in, they planned on updating the home in phases. We started with their driveway, next came the lower level for their children, then a kitchen remodel, siding, and windows. While the kitchen was not outdated, it just wasn’t their style. They also wanted something that worked better for their family. The original cabinets were a light maple color, and they wanted to brighten up the space with a more modern European look.

We removed the old, maple cabinets, and replaced them with Evo full-access, high gloss white, frameless style cabinets. We removed some of the wall in the kitchen to open up the space that looked over into the table area, which it makes it more of an eat-in kitchen.

The island is half granite and half butcher block. They were originally going to put in a heated granite island top so when the kids sit at the island their arms don’t get cold. However, the heating element is not very energy efficient, so we chose the butcher block.

The two-piece refrigerator is a 66” tower fridge. The fridge and freezer are both 33” wide so when pushed together create the massive 66” refrigerator.

A large step in pantry was created, as we eliminated the first pantry to accommodate the tower fridge units. Large format backsplash tile and floor tile helped to modernize and pull the space together. On the backside of the island we designed custom bookcases to store the kids’ backpacks and it also acts as a charging station for their electronics.