hush board

A St. Louis County family was preparing to move into a new home, and invited a Mosby Home Consultant to review plans for remodeling the basement to become a finished lower level. While in the basement discussing ideas for an exercise room, home theater and recreation room with a kitchen, they couldn’t help but hear not only footsteps above their heads, but full conversations!

Suddenly, sound control became a top design priority. The client asked if it was possible to insulate the basement ceiling to muffle sound. Yes, Mosby can soundproof the rooms, but insulation is not how we achieve effective sound control.

It is a common belief that insulating behind walls and ceilings controls sound, but this will only slightly muffle the volume. Sound travels as vibrations through connected materials. It’s the same process that makes a stereo speaker emit sound. Technically, soundproofing is the separation of building materials to break the vibration chain, which stops sound wave transmission.

The building product used to soundproof our clients’ basement is HushBoard Sound Deadening Board by Georgia-Pacific. This is a ½” non-structural fiberboard panel installed between the studs and the drywall that reduces sound transmission through partition walls. This is a diagram similar to the construction method we used:

Hushboard Specification Sheet

Building two separate walls stops sound waves from transmitting. Sound baffling insulation between the walls is an extra measure that also provides thermal benefits.

For this finished basement project, we applied HushBoard in this manner across the entire ceiling.

mosby soundproofing construction photo

To make their home theater a soundproof cocoon, sound-stop boards were applied to all 4 walls, as well as the ceiling. In the photo above, carpet is being laid in the theater, and the installer noted how utterly quiet the room was even though there were many people working all around and above him. That’s exactly what we wanted to hear!

This sound deadening system can be applied to most any room in a home as a retrofit project. If you are undertaking a remodeling project that opens walls, do consider adding it as part of the work scope. For help with any sound control issues in your Metro St. Louis home, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800, or contact us here.