Mudrooms can be a beautiful and functional control center to the home instead of a dismal pass-thru space next to the garage. With some creative use of space, maximizing organization, and playing with color, you can change the day-to-day function of your daily routine.

One item that can enhance the function of a mudroom is the addition of a large single bowl sink when enough space allows. It gives you the opportunity to have somewhere to rinse or spot treat laundry, water plants or rinse off those muddy shoes from the kids playing out in the yard.

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Using a stackable washer & dryer is a fantastic way to maximize more space to utilize more of the room and be more efficient. Creating a space for hanging wet clothes is essential in a mudroom and can be achieved in many ways. To maximize space, install a full-sized hanging clothes rod or pull down drying rack that folds up and out of the way when not in use. Having an area to fold clothes is a wonderful way to be more efficient with your time. You can fold laundry as you take it out of the dryer and have it all ready to be put away before even leaving the room.   


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 The mudroom is also an excellent place to create storage for the ironing board. There are unique options out there with cabinets that provide a hidden fold down option to maximize space.


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Designing a location for shoe and boot storage is also a must in a mudroom. It gives the entire family a landing area to put their shoes when they come home so they are not scattered throughout the house. Adding storage lockers or a designated area with hooks for the kids’ backpacks, coats, shoes, etc. keeps things organized and creates a routine for the family to put all their belongings from school in one place, plus it organizes them the next morning during the rush to get out of the house. Each child would have their own locker/storage area which means no arguing over whose bag goes where! Personalizing each locker with their names on cute chalkboard plaques or labels gives their space a nice visual touch as well.                                

In addition, a mudroom is also the perfect spot to store pet leashes, food, brushes, litter boxes, etc. Creating a storage area and some hooks for these items gives everything a place to be stored.

Whether the mudroom is used for a storage space for kids or pets, a laundry area or all the above, Mosby Building Arts has a deep bench of professionals that can create the most functional mudroom to fit your needs. Our staff of designers, architects, and remodelers have years of experience in building great spaces with long lasting value. To schedule a home consultation, call us at 314-909-1800, or click here.  

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Information provided by Designer, Shannon Cross.