Three Reasons An Egress Window Should Be Left To The Pros

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So, you want an egress window installed in your basement remodel. Great! Think this is a DIY? You may want to think again. Mosby Senior Home Consultant Denny Corr lists 3 of the major reasons to call in the pros from the start.

Installation needs to adhere to your local building codes

Whenever you cut into the structure of any building, residential or commercial, a permit is necessary. Your local building code has safety requirements for egress windows specifically for exit and entry in case of an emergency. For example, in St. Louis, Missouri the window cannot be more than 44” off the floor. The minimum height of the window is 24” and the minimum width is 20”.

Outside Options – Take note of the situation outside

A professional can examine the exterior space for this egress window and give you solutions to your specific egress window installation needs. Your home may have a deep window well with a cover, or it might be a partial window well. The space could need a grading solution. The possible scenarios are endless but with the help of a professional, the planning stages of installing your egress window can make your project run smoothly. The last thing you want is a DIY egress window that is leaking because your grade is wrong in the yard.

Interior Investigation

Preparing your interior prior to the installation of your egress window will not only save time in the overall process but will also alleviate potential problems from an unorganized scope of work. If your basement is unfinished or is being gutted and then refinished, your main concern would be controlling the water from the wet saw used to cut out the foundation concrete for the new window space. On the other hand, if you have a finished basement, you will need to mentally prepare for living in a finished basement space where you are opening a wall for the egress window to be installed, removing a section of the lower level’s ceiling to have full access to the egress space. You will be pulling back carpeting or removing wood or laminate for covering because of the presence of water used to cut the space open with the wet saw. Let’s not forget, if you do this project on your own, you will need to clean it all up and hope it’s sealed tight.

Installing an egress window is a complicated process from planning to installation to clean up. Hiring a professional to be involved is well worth it. For 70 years, the experts at Mosby Buildings Arts have provided home improvement solutions for St. Louis. Contact us today for a home consultation at 314-909-1800, or click here.