One of the greatest joys of remodeling a kitchen is the chance to get the storage exactly right. Mosby kitchen designers delight in providing innovative and personalized organizational solutions. Here are some of their favorite kitchen storage ideas from recent projects:

01 mosby kitchen storage

Why waste the space under a countertop range when it can be converted into a shallow drawer for cooking tools?  As shown above, the drawer needs only a slight modification on the rear right side so it does not interfere with the underside mechanics of the range. See more photos of this kitchen.

02 mosby kitchen storage

Double-bin slide-out trash receptacles (above left) are becoming a standard kitchen storage solution for good reason – convenience! This kitchen also has a two-tier cutlery divider drawer (above right). The top layer holding utensils slides back to reveal another layer of divided organization. No more fumbling around for the tool you need right now!

04 mosby kitchen storage

This kitchen also has a deep drawer in the island that’s the perfect height for storing pitchers and jugs in the upright position. It also works well for storing tall stock and pasta pots. See more photos of this kitchen update.

05 mosby kitchen storage

This cheery eat-in kitchen has a built-in pantry with 5 gentle-glide pull out trays. It keeps everything contained, and there’s no such thing as overlooking the item stored way in the back.

06 mosby kitchen storage

Let’s take a closer look at the dining table in this kitchen. Mosby designed the table using a free-standing base cabinet in the same style as the other cabinets, then added furniture legs and a slab of the countertop material to create a table. And then they add a slide-out tray to create the perfect storage space for the crock pot! Creating one-of-a-kind multi-tasking furniture is one of the perks of kitchen design.

07 mosby kitchen storage

Let’s move to the other end of the eat-in kitchen. Corner cabinets can be notorious space-wasters, but not in this kitchen. The corner wall cabinet is a 90-degree open space, with a retractable cabinet door that easily moves out of the way for full access. The corner base cabinet has two tiers of rotating, pull-out shelving, a modern update on the Lazy Susan. See a video of how this type of shelving works.

08 mosby kitchen storage

And there’s no space wasted under the sink, as well. Look closely at the left-side wall in the photo above. This was a special request from the homeowner. A Mosby carpenter cut out a panel in the cabinet wall so there’s access into the corner cabinet area. This is a safe guard to be able to retrieve anything that might fall off the Lazy Susan.

Below that is a shallow drawer that is the perfect height for boxed items like sandwich bags, foil and wax paper. See more photos of this eat-in kitchen remodeling project.

Do any of these kitchen storage ideas inspire you to try them in your kitchen? Mosby kitchen designers are here to help you realize your ultimate storage needs. Give them a call at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.